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Buses Considered Beneficial Edition

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  • The bus factor for PHP was two. (Musings)
    Maybe as few as two people would have to wake up this morning and decide they want to do something different with their lives in order for the PHP project to lack the expertise and resources to move it forward in its current form, and at current pace.

    Just focus on that number for a few seconds ... think of the number of people whose livelihoods depend on PHP, the number of mortgages, car payments, school fees, entire payrolls ...

    It's the scariest number 2 I have ever seen.
    Learn a real programming language, losers.
    Everybody who follows the development of PHP knows who these two people are.
    They are Dmitry Stogov, and Nikita Popov.
    Hmm. Oh. Neat, maybe we can just let it-

    God damn it.

  • I have no idea what I'm doing. (Surfing Complexity)

    Well, yes, but also no. Or possibly vice-versa.

  • When a Google cloud server gets compromised, it's mining crypto within 22 seconds. (CNBC)

    Only 8% of compromised servers are used as a platform for further hacking attempts; the majority are hacked and immediately mining crypto, which if you have any monitoring all will set off all your alarms.

  • Hololive Gen 6 - holoX, pronounced hollocks, seriously - has launched, and YouTube is doing what it always does: Automatically unsubscribing tens of thousands of fans.

    Exactly what they did to EN Gen 2 three months ago.

    YouTube is an interesting mix of incompetence, arrogance, and antipathy. They actively hate their users - creators and viewers alike - but they know that there's not really anywhere else for people to go.

    I think we're gonna need a bigger bus.

We Heard You Liked Blocks So We Put Blocks In Your Blocks So You Can Block While You Block Video of the Day

Okay, yeah. Don't care if it needs a 3090 to run. I'm getting that.

Party Like It's 1979 Video of the Day

Disclaimer: This bus goes to eleven.

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1 IIRC, Zend has been involved with PHP forever.  But maybe it will die off sooner this way?  I am thankful I haven't touched it in like 20 years.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, November 30 2021 12:31 AM (Z0GF0)

2 Brixel:  I saw at the end it works with SEUS PTGI, which is Sonic Ether's raytracing engine for Java Minecraft.  I wonder if he's released that to the public yet or still requires you to join his Patreon.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, November 30 2021 12:44 AM (Z0GF0)

3 I checked and SEUS is available now, although it's still under development.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, November 30 2021 12:49 AM (Z0GF0)

4 The dynamic web was a mistake.  Interactivity, Web2.0â„¢, allowing women to have phones:  all mistakes.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, November 30 2021 03:45 AM (obo9H)

5 Hi! This is late, but you can watch dubbed episodes of Komi Can't Communicate here:
They are up to episode 8 with new episodes added weekly.

Posted by: Tim Turner at Tuesday, November 30 2021 10:27 AM (n+R81)

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