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1 Pixy, Brickmuppet's been getting hammered by spam for the last couple of weeks.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, September 28 2021 11:48 PM (Z0GF0)

2 <i>The unexpected discovery of the double-charm tetraquark highlights an uncomfortable truth. While physicists know the exact equation that defines the strong force — the fundamental force that binds quarks together to make the protons and neutrons in the hearts of atoms, as well as other composite particles like tetraquarks — they can rarely solve this strange, endlessly iterative equation, so they struggle to predict the strong force’s effects.</i>
Sometimes I wonder whether we've been taken for a ride by QFT in general. The problems go back much further than any of the latest string theory nonsense. The basic picture of the world being built has incoherent and unforced features, and the math actually doesn't work. In fact, the freedom granted by the tricks they use to make the math work allows all sorts of mischeif, like dialing in the anomalous magnetic moment of particles. Depart from electrodynamics, and nothing works. What does it even mean to know the exact equation describing the strong force, when you can't actually build a consistent mathematical model that results in anything from it?! There is no model: No mathematical automaton we hold to correspond to the world. Just a recipe that has failed to result in a model.
Pop-Science insinuates we should look askance at Einstein's general relativity, because it can't be force-fit into the framework of QFT. At least in GR, we know what all the elements of the theory correspond to in the real world, and what it is saying about how the world works! GR is a model of reality!

Posted by: MadRocketSci at Wednesday, September 29 2021 05:02 AM (hRoyQ)

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