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Daily News Stuff 28 March 2021

I've Got A Couple Of Friends And They're Both Named Dave Edition

Tech News

  • So Dave - the new server at my day job - has arrived.  Dual 64 core Epyc 7702, 256GB RAM, two 15TB Micron 9300 Pro NVMe drives, and a 16TB Seagate Exos drive for local backups.

    That backup drive was yanked from Theodore, which is so messed up right now that it can't even rsync without crashing.  I'm currently copying all the files off, then will reformat and copy all the files back just in case there are filesystem errors.  ZFS is good at handling that, but maybe not on broken hardware.

  • Oh, and I found sheep, pigs, cows, and chickens all in one place - across the river and over the hill in the savannah biome.  It's a bit of a hike from my house by the spawn point, but it's in a straight line and just by coincidence is right above the main tunnel for my diamond mine where I've started laying railroad track.

    So I'll dig stairs up to the surface and build a little farmstead there.  Or maybe relocate since even my remodeled house isn't anything special.

  • Ugh.  Data corruption in one of the other nodes in our largest MongoDB cluster.  With one node down and another having data errors, it's not currently a cluster at all.  Fortunately that one doesn't cause huge dramas if it's down for a few hours; it's mainly for data ingestion and analysis, and not directly customer-facing except for one specific page where you can see your own data.

    Currently shipping a fresh snapshot over to both the bad node and the new one.  There's a reason we got 10Gb Ethernet for these.  Maybe 25GbE would have been worthwhile.

  • Testing Intel's NUC 11 Pro as a tiny server.  (Serve the Home)

    Sure, it's slower than a last-generation Ryzen 4750GE APU on every benchmark, but it's only a four-core part so it would be.

  • Slashdot is a cesspool of idiocy.  It's no longer even useful for links to other sites.

  • Haachama isn't back yet, but all her streams are.  (Reddit)

    Her avant garde psychological horror improv series got canned by Cover Corp; they're not saying exactly why but at the time they did it multiple Hololive channels were affected by shadowbans, demonetisations, and in one case, getting deleted outright.

    Following that more and more of her recent streams were switched to private, including some nice relaxing Minecraft content that couldn't possibly offend anyone.

    But now all of it is back, and apparently unaltered.  Hopefully the crazy Aussie will be back soon herself.

Disclaimer: Ugh.  Wait, one piece of good news.  Half ugh.

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1 What did slashdot do this time?

Posted by: Phil Fraering at Monday, March 29 2021 06:14 AM (Clxcy)

2 More of a cumulative thing.  Every article on the front page was a bad take on a stupid story.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, March 29 2021 09:04 AM (PiXy!)

3 I pretty much stopped bothering with slashdot when they turned into the "how can we tie this stupid story to something Bush did wrong?" website of record circa 2004.  If I wanted to read stories by idiot leftists who don't know anything about technology, I already have dozens of options.  Dunno how they've survived, really.

Posted by: normal at Monday, March 29 2021 11:50 AM (obo9H)

4 I not-too-long-ago picked up one of those Asrock 4x4 thingummers.  The thermals and power useage are mildly improved by yanking out the wireless/bluetooth.  I think StH really spends too much space trying to please the yammering parrots in the comments section who aren't even the purported target audience.  I bought a new monitor for my wife's work-from-home and I just wanted something to put behind the old one.  Not that I needed another machine, but for not-too much money I have another 3TB of disk space on the network and a fallback for when I spill a gin & tonic on my laptop.

Posted by: normal at Monday, March 29 2021 12:41 PM (obo9H)

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