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  • Hololive just announced holoX, which is their sixth generation of Japanese talents.  Where Prism went all Fractured Fairy Tales with their latest generation, holoX is pretty much Gatchaman in Vtuber form.

    The usual process is they announce an audition, and then you don't hear anything for five months, then there's a couple of teaser trailers before they announce the new talents and their debut schedule.

    This time they just went straight to Z; the announcement was four hours ago and the first debut stream is four hours from now.

    Meanwhile all the other generations are playing Pokemon.  They just got surprise blanket permission to stream - apparently - every Pokemon game ever, and they're not looking a gift Ponyta in the mouth.

    And yeah, I am thankful for Hololive.  They - and Nijisanji, and Prism, and Kson, and Vyolfers' little group - have been all that's kept me sane the past year or so.

Party Like It's 1979 Video of the Day

Disclaimer: I bless the rains down in my basement.  I would like it to stop at some point though.

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1 Quick questions about streaming pokemon:  Pokemon Ranger?  Collossuem?  Those ones with the Shadow Pokemon?  Mystery Dungeon?  Detective Pickachu?

That one browser game that is probably not licensed?

Posted by: PatBuckman at Saturday, November 27 2021 01:49 AM (r9O5h)

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The Register is a mixed bag these days; I still check it out most days but some of the writers (the US guys particularly) have totally taken the woke pill.

The commentariat however, with a few honourable exceptions, have dived into the woke pool with gay abandon. And I take great pleasure in trolling them no end.

Posted by: SundogUK at Sunday, November 28 2021 06:27 PM (eTAFI)

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