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1 1.  BBC is pretty much openly a venue for distribution of UK official and deep state disinformation. 
2.  UK security services have been cooperative with a previous Democrat disinformation operation.
3.  PRC proxies in the US have capriciously and arbitrarily tried to impose a 'rule' 'criminalizing' being tied to Russia.
4. The Gu jar of vicious morons making choices for the regime seem to have picked vaccines as one of the points they will push on, and appear to be using this as part of their stage managemetn for the force.  This may be a blind rote operation, and sure to fail.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, July 26 2021 10:15 PM (DHVaH)

2 "Main takeaway for me personally is the dreadful quality of the majority of Google's search results. Several of these results were, simply put, SEO-optimized baloney."

I know people are getting (on average) stupider, but anyone taking programming advice from something called "Webslesson" (or any of the other obvious SEO crap reposting sites) should have their computer taken away.
And, yeah, don't use google.

Posted by: normal at Monday, July 26 2021 11:15 PM (LADmw)

3 The story about russians promoting anti-vax stuff comes days after news reports about the CDC and universities paying people to be "vaccine influencers". My guess is this story was getting too much attention and the bad guys felt the need to disrupt it with a counternarrative on online astroturf - possibly even themselves contracting a few russian citizens to do some facebook ads or whatever. Sounds familiar, right?

Posted by: Mumberthrax at Wednesday, July 28 2021 04:02 AM (YVq1I)

4 I would be surprised if the Russians had been entirely able to refrain from meddling. I had heard hearsay about the Russians being tied to some of the 5G stuff.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Wednesday, July 28 2021 05:16 AM (DHVaH)

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