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Daily News Stuff 25 June 2021

Worked Out So Well Last Time Edition

Top Story

  • To everyone's surprise, Microsoft has announced Windows 11.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's mostly a theme pack for Windows 10, with a bunch of mandatory features you don't want.  Teams integration, for example, and Widgets, which Microsoft has been failing at since Vista.

    It does have some new features like the ability to run Android apps, so I can run all my Kairosoft games on my Windows desktop.  Except that it integrates with the Amazon app store and not Google Play, so I'd have to buy them all again.

    And it sidelines Cortana and Skype, so that's good.

  • You will need to fill out the TPM report before you can install it, though.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Do you have TPM 2.0 enabled on your PC?  If not, you won't be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

    And to give you an idea just how much of a mess this is going to create, I have absolutely no idea if it's enabled on any of my PCs.  I have a very nice laptop with a 4K display, but it's seven years old and I think that's older than TPM 2.0.

    Microsoft has an upgrade checker, but it just gives me a big fat NOPE with no details whatsoever.

  • Windows 11 also requires 64-bit hardware.  That shouldn't be a problem; the Athlon 64 came out in 2003, so any PC fast enough to run Windows 11 in the first place is going to be 64-bit.

  • I've noted that the state of Victoria accounts for 90% of Australia's Bat Flu deaths and 99% of the insanity, but 99% is not 100%.  Four local council areas within Sydney are currently in a week-long lockdown after an outbreak of new cases.*

    Including the CBD.

    Small mercies; there's no curfew.  You can go out at any time to buy groceries.  You can freely exercise outside and gather in small groups.  But a lot of stuff is closed down again.

    Not where I live, fortunately, not that I go outside anyway.

    * Not deaths.  Cases.

Anime of the day is Popotan from 2003, which I rated at the time the best anime series of the year with the worst premise.

It's the story of three sisters, their robot maid, and their pet ferret, who together run a time-travelling Christmas shop and have lots of baths.  They're seeking an enigmatic alien woman who lives in a giant dandelion - or something, it's been a while.  The Japanese for dandelion is tanpopo; popotan is a childish inversion of that word.

That's not the bad premise.  The bad premise is that in the original game that the anime drew from, the goal of the main character was to sleep with all the women.  And who knows, maybe the ferret too.  The anime took exactly the right approach in keeping all the weird elements of the story and deep sixing the original plot and the main character alike.

Also, if you've ever seen the Caramelldansen meme, this is where it came from.

Tech News

Not At All Tech News

  • The counter-revolution has begun: Anime Expo (which is virtual this year because California) will be featuring HoloMyth, LazuLight, and Vshoujo.

    I don't watch Vshoujo, since they're mostly on Twitch and I don't have time for another platform, but Hololive has kept me sane...  Well, helped keep a lid on my insanity, this past year, and particularly HoloMyth which is the first generation of English-language talents from Hololive.  (There's a zeroth generation as well.)

    LazuLight is the name for the first generation of English-language talents from Nijisanji, the other big Vtuber agency in Japan.  They've only been around for a month so they're a lot smaller - 100,000 subscribers each vs. HoloMyth's 1,000,000+ - but they've been playing a lot of Minecraft and that's what I like to watch.  (And today, Terraria).

Let Them Eat Tumblr Video of the Day

Short the hell out of these idiots.

Disclaimer: Idiots on the left of me, idiots to the right; here I am, stuck in the middle with idiots.

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