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Notebook Is The New NUC Edition

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  • Intel's upcoming Alder Lake 12900HK laptop part is faster than Apple's M1 Max.  (WCCFTech)

    On Geekbench, yes, but it wins on both single and multi-threaded tests, so that is comparing rotten apples to rotten apples.  Plus Alder Lake is built on Intel's 10nm process (now called Intel 7 because marketing) where the M1 is built on TSMC's 5nm, so that's some solid work by Intel's CPU design team.

  • Speaking of which, Apple's M1 has a PassMark score.  (

    I didn't even think to look.

    Compared to, oh, the Ryzen 5700U, to pick a competing chip totally at random, it has substantially better single-threaded performance but slightly worse multi-threaded performance at the same TDP.  

    I trust PassMark more than GeekBench because it very closely tracks the measured performance of Python for the code I write.  This may not mean anything to anyone else but makes it a handy guide for my own purchases.

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Disclaimer: Sana, Pina, Pika, Pomu, Lumi, and Gwem.  That's six.

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1 Youtube, misinfo: In fairness, 'medical misinformation' might be anything that undermines the current attempt at a tyrannical regime.

Google, stupidity:  I think generating the combination of politicians stupid enough to pull this off, and go along to get alongs stupid enough to think it workable enough to play along may have resulted in some other idiots.  Skanska was a bit reckless with some barges in north Florida, and is currently defending itself in court, alleging that having to have a plan did not mean having to implement the plan, and that the government did not explicitly tell them to carry out the plan when the storm showed up.

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2 THe Beatles All You Need Is Love is rife with medical, nutritional, and financial misinformation.  And Eight Days a Week contains some pretty bad temporal misinformation.

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