Tuesday, March 23


Daily News Stuff 23 March 2021

Hextuple Panic Edition

Tech News

  • One of our Threadripper servers stopped working this morning.  Got it rebooted, started up all the VMs, and it died again.  Tried starting up just the critical VMs, everything looked good...  Then it died again.

    Rebooted again with all the VMs shutdown, and it died just sitting at the command line, so I'm thinking probably not a software problem.  They're running diagnostics now.

  • Also set myself up with a Minecraft server, then discovered that Minecraft gives me a headache.  Or maybe I started with a headache because I was dealing with a sick server half the day, because I don't recall that happening last time.

    Setting up a Minecraft server is very straightforward; the only difficulty I had was that it's behind three firewalls so I had to poke two holes and make a tunnel in between.

  • Crystal has gone 1.0.  (Crystal-Lang)

    This release doesn't include major changes or full Windows support - it wasn't intended do.  Rather, it says that the language is now ready for production, and that there won't be any breaking changes before 2.0.

    A lot of projects need to learn that lesson.  Elasticsearch, looking at you.

  • MangaDex is offline for code updates after a possible database breach.

    An attacker did access an admin account, and to a previous version of their codebase.  They haven't confirmed a database breach but are taking measures based on that assumption.

    The site will likely remain offline for the next two weeks while they do a thorough review.

  • HP's Envy x360 15 2021 edition has it almost all.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Four essential keys, check.
    Ryzen 5700U, check.
    Optional 4K OLED display, check.
    1TB NVMe SSD, check.

    Wait.... 5700U.  That's Zen 2 - a rebadged 4800U.  You bastards!

    Also, it maxes out at 16GB of RAM, which is not bad, but not enough for serious work these days.

  • My PC: I can't work anymore.  I don't have a C drive.
    Me: You just booted from your C drive.
    PC: No C drive.
    Me: Let's open Explorer.
    PC: Don't have one of those.
    Me: Open WSL.
    PC: Sure.
    Me: df
    PC: C:\ D:\ F:\ G:\ H:\
    Me: What's that?
    PC: What's what?
    Me: That's a C drive.
    PC: I don't have a C drive.
    Me: ...
    Me: <unplugs missing external drive that should be mapped to E:>
    PC: <spontaneously opens 17 explorer windows for C:>
    PC: <also somehow has lost my VPN settings>

Disclaimer: Bah.

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