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Daily News Stuff 22 September 2021

Beware The Ides Of Whenvember Edition

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  • So I'm banned from Twitter again.  They have at least sped up the appeals process.  Where it used to take a week for a bot to automatically reject your appeal, it now takes less than 24 hours.

    I only really used it to mock the stupid - because that's where they congregate - and it turns out the stupid didn't appreciate it.

  • Specifically I was banned for suggesting that Comrade Dan Andrews - Premier of Victoria - should resign or be thrown into a volcano, whichever works.  And this morning Melbourne got hit by a 5.6 earthquake, so while Twitter might have banned me it appears that someone was listening.

    Oh, and despite the earthquake the tradies were on the march again - and Comrade Dan banned the news networks from filming the protest from the air.  That's because they want to keep up the propaganda effort that it's a small group of Neo-Nazis, and that lie dies instantly when you see the extent of the protests from above.

    (Also dies instantly when you see the large Sikh contingent.)

  • If you're a farm service provider don't use chicken1 as your password.  (ZDNet)

    Make it chicken123 next time.  Get the hackers to put in a little effort.

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Disclaimer: Chicken125.

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