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Daily News Stuff 22 May 2021

There You Go Again Edition

Top Story

  • So we've been working very hard at my day job to land a major account, and at the last minute a second big account piggy-backed on that major account, and now both want to sign and I'm dealing with that kind of request:
    We know we bought a car, and we agreed that delivery isn't until August, but now we need it to fly.

    At Mach 2.

    Under water.

    By Friday.

  • Seagate is also doing dumb things: Dual-actuator disk drives.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Those existed once before but got killed deader than a trilobite by the rise of RAID, because just having two disk drives is both cheaper and faster than fussing around with fancy mechanical designs.  And more reliable too.

    And now if you need high performance you would always go for SSDs rather than struggling with large RAID arrays, so it's double pointless.

    They're doing it anyway.

Anime of the day is Hololive.

Well, specifically here Hololive Alternative, since Hololive itself is a virtual idol group COUGH* and not an anime series.  Hololive Alternative isn't an anime series either; at least not yet.  It's a media production and the first release will be a manga covering the adventures of pirate captain Marine.

However, if and when Hololive does announce an anime version, the inquest will find that they died by suffocation from the weight of all the money thrown at them.  The smallest of Hololive's more than forty channels has 300,000 subscribers.

* I just watch it for the Minecraft streams, honest.  Counting collab streams just once - even when they include the entirety of Gen 0 - they've played 17 hours of Minecraft already today.

Tech News

Handicapper General Public Service Announcement of the Day

All of Nvidia's upcoming video cards will have Ethereum mining artificially limited.  They did this already with the RTX 3060 but then accidentally released a debug driver that delimited the card, something that is highly likely to happen again.

Meanwhile the crypto market is down mostly because of efforts by totalitarian governments to restrict the free exchange of goods and services....  Which was the primary driver for the crypto bubble in the first place.  I'm not making any prediction except that video cards will remain hard to get for another year, at a minimum.

If It's Rocking Don't Bother Stopping Anime Music Video of the Day

This reminds me of a bunch of 90s anime series worth mentioning.  It also has a clip from the original Final Fantasy X, which really did look that good....  Except that part was pre-rendered.

Elvis vs. Photoshop Anime Music Video of the Day

Another classic from the early-ish AMV scene - it's so old it features a pre-rendered clip from Final Fantasy VIII.  Every frame of this video was composited individually in Photoshop, because there was no better tool available to hobbyists back then.  Go back much further and everything was done with a stopwatch and a 1 inch editing deck.  Or film and a sharp pair of scissors.

Though the days of film are actually something of a blessing.  Anime and TV shows old enough to have been shot on film have received some amazing Blu-Ray releases recently.  Check out some of the early Columbo episodes if you have a chance.

Disclaimer: Oh, just one more thing...

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