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  • You won't believe what kids are into these days.

    Oh, they deleted it.

    This being The New Yorker, they do their best to blame anime on Donald Trump.

Anime of the day is Akanesasu Shoujo from 2018, a.k.a The Girl in Twilight which is news to me, in which five girls from the high school radio club save the universe using only discarded communications equipment and fish sausages.

No, really.

Also, don't put chikuwas in your air fryer.  Reine from Hololive tried it live on stream and posted the results.  The term carbonised comes to mind.

Tech News

Anime Catshark Girl Music Video of the Day

Gura from Hololive has good taste in anime.  She sang Tsumugi's shark song from Amaama to Inazuma live on stream.  A fan reanimated the entire scene to her song, with other Hololive characters dropped into the remaining roles.

Gamers Nexus Cheap Video Card Review of the Day

Steve's back again, this time with Intel's DG1 video card, which you can't buy and couldn't use even if you could.  It's an OEM product with very restrictive hardware and firmware requirements.

Also, it's slower than AMD's integrated graphics, and suffers badly from inconsistent performance.

Disclaimer: I mean, so do I, but I'm taking medication and it's getting better.

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1 Akshully, Donald Trump could have been secretly behind my path to interest in anime, manga, and anime/manga fanfic.

Strictly speaking, actions could have been taken without violating causality, because of his age, wealth, and being active in business in NY back to the eighties. 

All someone would have needed to do, in my case, was get Dragonball and Pokemon on broadcast TV, and later fundamentally ruin just about all of the domestic competition.  Easy Peesey. 

Doesn't answer the question of where the information came from.  It is kind of one of those elaborate scenarios that can be shown probably false by the information requirements, and study of motive.

I mean, if you have to have a political explanation involving specific politicians,  Pelosi, Obama, and Biden closely resemble some of the antagonists of Demon Slayer. 

Most probable politicized explanation is that the wokenoids have ruined domestic entertainment, and the damage done to Japanese, Korean, etc. entertainment is less obvious to an American audience because of cultural differences.

Got to push back on the Julia theory.  Two arguments. 

One, "How do we know if we are really getting anything out of science that is valuable outside of the engineering disciplines?"  a.k.a how much have universities been ruined by turning them into carefully curated asylums?  If you can reduce actual science to a subset of engineering research, there are varied programming requirements in electrical engineering research, that push those scientists to a range of languages. 

Two, what I've put together tells me that there is a rather huge range of programming tasks, whose demands 'should' point at a wider range of languages than three. 

Caveat, I definitely have not hit 'real programmer' levels of skill yet, and I am pretty terrible at programming.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, June 21 2021 10:56 PM (6y7dz)

2 Probably also the New Yorker circa 2021:
This thing where colored fellows chant childish rhymes over simplistic banging sounds seems to be catching on among suburban whites.  It's probably connected to Donald Trump's short, direct sentences.

Posted by: normal at Monday, June 21 2021 10:58 PM (LADmw)

3 Have read the Julia article now. It is probably not a Matlab/Fortran killer yet. It looks like I would not use it for embedded programming either.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, June 22 2021 12:12 AM (6y7dz)

4 Speeb Racer, L. Voltron Hubbard, and (a bit later) Robotech were all on TV when I was a wee one (though we didn't have a TV, our neightbours all did).  We all (I mean the 10 year old boys in the neighbourhood) thought the poorly drawn, cheaply animated bug-eye stuff with exploding robots and gay monkeys was awesome.  Given that God-Emperor Trump was in his 30s, it would make sense that he was somehow at fault.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, June 22 2021 03:24 AM (LADmw)

5 Pelosi is Muzan, HRC is Doma, Harris is Enmu, Obama is Gyokko and Biden is Rui. Prove me wrong.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, June 22 2021 11:10 AM (6y7dz)

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