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Daily News Stuff 20 September 2021

Worm Dehorser Edition

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  • Xata is a serverless database for serverless apps.  (

    Serverless is one more step of wishful thinking beyond cloud.  There's no serverless, there's just someone else's servers and you have no control over what happens on them.

  • People said I was mad to embed SMB in the kernel, but I embedded it all the same.  It sank into the swamp.  (Phoronix)

    It has - surprising no-one - a security vulnerability.  Involving .. which is the first thing you check when handling a file path on Unix-like systems.

    And the patch to fix that has a buffer overflow bug.

  • You can no longer run Windows 11 in VirtualBox.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Funny thing, I was checking my desktop system for that AMD chipset driver bug yesterday, and I noticed that it has TPM 2.0, the critical requirement for running Windows 11.

    I still can't run Windows 11 because it doesn't support my CPU either.

  • The Surface Pro 8 may or may not have leaked.  (

    It will be announced in two days so the chance of accurate leaks right now is high, but there's limited information of dubious provenance, so taking this with a bucket of salt for now.

Disclaimer: Of all the salt mines, in all the deserts, in all the world, she falls into mine.

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1 Story I recall was Oklahoma.  Wildly different state from Ohio. 

The Oregon source looks like it might be an official organization, perhaps even a part of state government.  Kate Brown is governor of Oregon, so anything official is wildly untrustworthy. 

Forex, I understand that officially, Washington and Oregon haven't had the forest fire situations exacerbated by antifa/BLM arsonists.  Grapevine from Washington is that there have been such arsonists in Washington. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, September 20 2021 10:25 PM (r9O5h)

2 I get a kick out of "remove . and .. components."  Web servers went through this exact issue, what, 15-20 years ago?  Someone should maybe browse the Apache codebase.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, September 20 2021 11:19 PM (Z0GF0)

3 Well, SMB/CIFS shouldn't be in kernel.  Then again, neither should NFS.

Posted by: normal at Monday, September 20 2021 11:44 PM (LADmw)

4 I don't think they still produce the print version (scanned PDFs of the old ones are downloadable), but I once spent a merry afternoon in the university library copying data out of a thick tome titled "Vital Statistics of the United States, Volume II - Mortality", providing the numbers on every way that people die in a year, broken down by age, race, and location. People toppling vending machines onto themselves was always a good one to have handy when someone tried to manufacture a claim about a small number in a large population.

Not that actual numbers meant anything when you were arguing on the Internet, of course. :-)


Posted by: J Greely at Tuesday, September 21 2021 01:18 AM (ZlYZd)

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