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Daily News Stuff 1 October 2021

Buffalo Not Buffalo Edition

Top Story

  • Appeal #7 sent off to Twitter.  I wonder if anyone ever reads these.

  • A list of the top new features coming in Windows 11...  But not yet.  (

    (It's a premium article, but you can read it with a free registration if you want.)

    Android apps?  Not yet.
    Adobe apps?  Not yet.
    Streaming services?  You guessed it.
    Full-screen widgets?  Actually, those are ready to - wait.  Nope.
    Windows 11 is quite good overall, but it can’t be compared in any way to the consistent and modern interface that Apple offers, say, with macOS.
    The words of someone who hasn't tried to use MacOS for any serious work recently.

Tech News

  • Let's Encrypt's root certificate has expired and stuff is breaking all over the place.  (ZDNet)

    Let's Encrypt replaced their root certificate a long time ago, but if software isn't configured properly - or is simply out of date - it won't be able to access sites using Let's Encrypt anymore.  This affects very old Android devices - unless you install Firefox - and also, it turns out, Palo Alto, Bluecoat, Cisco Umbrella, Catchpoint, Guardian Firewall,, PFsense, Google Cloud Monitoring, Azure Application Gateway, OVH, Auth0, Shopify, Xero, QuickBooks, Fortinet, Heroku, Rocket League, InstaPage, Ledger, Netlify, and Cloudflare Pages.  Among others.  Oh, and API testing tool Postman, which just stopped working for me.

  • Intel's new Loihi 2 neural network chip has the capacity of 10 millihamsters, sys the company.  (AnandTech)

    The chip one million neural circuits, and Wikipedia pegs the Golden hamster at 90 million, so that seems about right.  I mean, such comparisons are 90% fluff, but so are hamsters.

  • Corsair's Xeneon 32QHD165 covers 84% of Rec.2020.  (Tom's Hardware)

    A recent and confusing theme is the outbreak of new colour gamuts.  I know that 100% of sRGB means you get pretty decent colour - not amazing but decent - and 48% of NTSC is crap, but keeping track of all the different gamuts (gami?) and what percentage of each is acceptable is a chore.

    It seems at least in this case that 84% of Rec.2020 is equivalent to 116% of DCI-P3.

    Or maybe not.  While looking for a price ($800) I found a second review that notes that apart from the wide colour gamut it also has better colour accuracy than Apple's $5000 Pro Display XDR.  (PC Magazine)  But they measure it at 94% of DCI-P3, which is pretty normal for a wide-gamut monitor.

    Oh, right.  2560x1440, 165Hz.  DisplayPort, USB-C, and 2x HDMI.

  • How to upgrade to Windows 11 and bypass the TPM requirement.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's not quite as insane as it looks; they cover both upgrades and clean installs; if you're upgrading you only need the first five steps.

  • QNAP has fixed another remote execution vulnerability.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Do not connect anything to the internet.  Ever.

Disclaimer: Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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1 "I wonder if anyone ever reads these."

Reason for appeal:  You all suck ass and the day of the rope can't come quick enough, let me tell you.

Posted by: normal at Friday, October 01 2021 11:07 PM (LADmw)

2 Quanta had an article on using neural nets to predict biological neurons. It looks like the biological and the circuit ones do not have a one to one mapping. And I'm too out of it to recalculate the ratio, etc.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Saturday, October 02 2021 02:29 AM (r9O5h)

3 If that's the article I'm thinking of, it was suggesting that neurons have more complicated signaling that previously thought.

Funny thing is the article about the Intel chip mentions that it supports more complicated signaling than real neurons - but that's probably referring to "previously thought" levels.  So this chip might actually be something like a one to one mapping.

So while still miles off human levels, this should be able to mimic some of the smarter invertebrates like honey bees, which can handle navigation and a form of language.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Saturday, October 02 2021 08:12 AM (PiXy!)

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