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Daily News Stuff 19 September 2021


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  • A tale of two protests: The DC protest rally didn't happen because it glowed bright enough to be seen with the naked eye from the Oort Cloud.

    The Melbourne protest went right ahead.  The police locked down public transport and major roads in the center of Melbourne in preparation...  So fifteen minutes before the event was supposed to start, the organisers simply moved it by a couple of miles.

  • AMD's next-gen graphics cards could triple the rendering power over the current generation.  (WCCFTech)

    At the high end they're also expected to cost twice as much - but twice as much as current MSRP, not twice current retail, which is close to twice MSRP anyway.  Since they're not expected to ship until late next year (ignore where it says Q4 2021, that's an error) we might actually see supply constraints somewhat improved and prices likewise.

    The mid-range 7600XT will have - according to these leaks - similar hardware to the current high-end 6900XT, but with more cache and less memory bandwidth.

Tech News

Disclaimer: And probably saved them all of $5 on the BOM.

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