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Daily News Stuff 18 May 2021

The Way We Weren't Edition

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Anime of the day is Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.  It's not a classic, it didn't change the course of the industry, and it didn't spark nineteen alternate universes, though the original 1995 two-part OVA did get a three-episode sequel in 1997.

I just happen to like it.

Tech News

  • Intel's Tiger Lake-H high-end laptop parts are here-ish. So how do they perform? (AnandTech)

    That's kind of complicated. They're not bad, performance-wise, but they sure are power-hungry. Configured with a 65W TDP they compete evenly with a 35W AMD part.

    On the one hand, they seem to be held back from their full potential because the reference laptop design overheats when running at 65W.

    On the other hand, the reference laptop design overheats when running at 65W.

  • Ah, Amazon S3 access policies, you're just as fucked up as the day we met, about two trillion dollars ago.

  • There may be a very minor Ryzen 5000 refresh on the way.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Similar to the 3000XT models. The advantage this refresh would have is that it could bump AMD over the 5GHz line, which they haven't crossed since the FX-9590, a 220W monster that despite its power draw was only just competitive with Intel's chips of the day.

  • Breakthrough research has finally linked Linear A to Linear B.  (Greek Reporter)

    Linear B was used in Mycenaean Greece, and is the oldest form of written Greek.  Once it was determined that the language was in fact Greek, scholars in the 1950s - well, actually it was initially one English architect - were able to map certain words to place names that persist today and from there decipher the entire script.

    Linear B is adapted from Linear A, the script used to write inscriptions in Minoan Crete.  We have over 1400 such inscriptions and clay tablets, but no-one knows how to read any of them.  

    The breakthrough shows the mapping between the older Linear A and Linear B, and it turns out to be closer than expected.  This means that the the place name trick can be used again - once we recognise a place name in a Linear B script, we can map it to Linear A and find it in the older tablets.

    Essentially we can now read Linear A.  We just don't know what it means, because the Minoans didn't speak Greek.

  • Apple is devoted to inclusivity, privacy, and civil liberties unless there's money involved in which case they will happily climb in bed with a genocidal fascist dictatorship.  (New York Times)

    And worse, they will do this even when it costs them money.

    And still lecture you endlessly on how much more enlightened they are.

  • LinkedIn - owned by Microsoft - also appears to be censoring critics of the Chinese regime.  (Bloomberg)

    Microsoft is generally the least worst of Big Tech, but that's all relative.  In absolute terms, they are - most of the time - an uncaring behemoth that will squash you like a bug if you get in the way.

  • Android 12 is on its way.  (ZDNet)

    Generally between versions 4 and 8 of any software, users switch from "can't wait" to "oh fuck, not another one".

    With Android, I think it was 7.  6 introduced some critical missing capabilities, though OEMs - including Sony and Samsung - fucked it up anyway.

  • Apple announced in court that it didn't take a cut of $400 billion of goods it didn't sell.  (The Verge)

    People are acting as if Apple made a coherent point.

  • Parler is back on the App Store.  (Reuters)

    At this point the glow can probably be seen from Alpha Centauri.

Haba Haba Zot Zot Video of the Day

Warning: If you're currently watching El Hazard but have only seen the first couple of episodes, the videos below contain hilarious spoilers.

This is a scene-for-scene remake of the redo version of the classic AMV by Nic Neidenbach from 2001, using the recent Blu-Ray release of El Hazard.

This is the redo version, and you can see that whoever was in charge of the Blu-Ray release did an absolutely stellar job.

Disclaimer: Haba haba mori mori.

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1 "between versions 4 and 8 of any software"
Where does 95 fit in this scheme?

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, May 18 2021 11:15 PM (LADmw)

2 I keep checking the Alexa app to make sure that it hasn't opted me back in to the upcoming IoT hive-mind, since their announcements are just vague enough to make it possible that you can't really opt out until it's been released.

Unrelated, the Yuna OP song has been in my anime-tune driving rotation for umpty-ump years now. It never gets old.


Posted by: J Greely at Wednesday, May 19 2021 12:46 AM (ZlYZd)

3 J, that seems like a job for an Arduino. smile

Posted by: Rick C at Wednesday, May 19 2021 12:58 AM (eqaFC)

4 Best deals on refurbished laptops in delhi with lowest price in the market beating the second hand laptops.

Posted by: lappyy at Saturday, May 22 2021 05:40 AM (q0uWJ)

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