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Daily News Stuff 17 November 2021

Old Lamps For New Edition

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  • I will pay you cash to delete your NPM module.  (Drew DeVault)

    NPM - the package manager for Node.js, which is the premier server-side solution for JavaScript programmers - is the single worst thing ever created by the human race.  It needs to be destroyed before it destroys us.

    Case in point: The isArray module, which is four lines of code that checks whether an arbitrary object is an array by converting it to a string and checking the contents of the string gets 51 million downloads per week.

    In any real programming language that would get you horsewhipped, if not dipped in honey and staked out on an anthill.  In Node.js this is considered best practices.

    Drew's solution is to pay people to delete their packages.  isArray disappears and millions of apps fail.  Repeat a few hundred times - because Node.js developers are fucking idiots and need to be bludgeoned over the head - and they might eventually stop doing this shit.

  • Oh, also, anyone could publish anything to NPM.  (GitHub)

    Wanted to upload your own code and overwrite a popular package with, basically, anything at all?  You could.  

    Because, GitHub helpfully explains, microservices.

Tech News

Party Like It's 1979 Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Sydney, Moscow, Detroit, Tokyo, everybody talk about, well, you know...

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1 Key technologies including Bananas and Pyjamas.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, November 17 2021 10:34 PM (obo9H)

2 "and supporting regional resilience and shaping an international environment that enables open, diverse, and competitive markets and secure and trusted technological innovation."

But nothing about e-commerce, the dot web, or five nines.

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, November 17 2021 10:40 PM (obo9H)

3 I have to wonder how the Unabomber would feel about npm and idiotic stuff like leftpad.  Fighting technology with technology like that would probably conflict him.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, November 18 2021 12:34 AM (Z0GF0)

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