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Daily News Stuff 17 March 2021

I Do Not Like It Sam I Am Edition

Tech News

  • Programming on Ethereum is like trying to write COBOL on an IBM 701 with only two tape drives.

    Your maximum compiled code size is just 24k, and breaking your code into multiple contracts can actually increase the size rather than reducing it.  Procedures can have a total of 16 variables, including parameters and explicit and implicit variables.  Apart from the code size limit, there's also a gas limit on deploying contracts that can bite you even if you're technically under the code size limit.

    And every time you need to push an update to production - if you can even do that, because by default contracts cannot ever be changed - it costs you a thousand bucks.

  • Asus has shown off a new Thunderbolt 4 expansion card that can drop right in to any motherboard with an open PCIe x4 slot.  (AnandTech)

    If the motherboard comes with a matching Thunderbolt header because fuck you that's why.

  • Intel's 11th generation Rocket Lake parts are here, much to nobody's surprise.  (Tom's Hardware)

    They note that the eight-core Rocket Lake die measures 276mm2 (slightly smaller than the previous estimate) while the ten-core Comet Lake measured just 206mm2.

    Yes, they do seem to be available, but so are the six and eight core Ryzens now.  The high-end Ryzens are still hard to find, but Intel has no competitor there.

  • Let's gray out menu items just because.  (All This)

    Apple is also bad at user interface design.  Good at making things look pretty.  Bad at making them useful.

Zombie Electroswing Rap Opening Theme Video of the Day

Multiple impromptu collabs on the HoloJP Minecraft server last night, none of which I could actually watch because (a) it was after midnight and I had an early start and (b) YouTube was such a wreck that it was stuttering even at 144p.

Anyway, Ollie's cool opening theme now has lyrics.  Also, this stream is shadowbanned, apparently because YouTube hates zombies with 180dB screams.

Disclaimer: There's a warning in the opening credits for a reason, guys.

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1 How sanguine are you about the possibility of Eth 2.0 fixing all of those problems?

Posted by: Phil Fraering at Thursday, March 18 2021 04:00 AM (Clxcy)

2 I don't think Eth 2.0 addresses the coding side of things at all, just the cost / transaction rate side.  They're locked in because of compatibility constraints.

For the same reason, all the Ethereum-compatible blockchains have the same restrictions.  It's just that it costs $5 or $0.005 to deploy instead of $1000.

Though being 200x or 200,000x cheaper is a sufficient win in itself.

The one that looks like it might be an improvement is Flow, from the guys who created CryptoKitties, but I haven't looked that closely at it yet.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, March 18 2021 09:17 AM (PiXy!)

3 I don't know anything about it, but someone had written a variant of racket for smart contracts that compiled to ethereum code... it was called pyramid scheme., I think...

Posted by: Phil Fraering at Thursday, March 18 2021 01:44 PM (Clxcy)

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