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Holobits Video of the Day

In a totally unexpected turn of events, Cover Corp has announced Hololive English don't-call-it-gen-2.

Two of them have already had their accounts locked by Twitter.  It's something of a tradition.

Right now they all have between 60 and 70,000 subscribers - a few hours after launch and before their major markets have woken up.

Debut streams are this weekend - Sunday JST, exact times TBA.

I talk a lot about Hololive (and other vtubers), but honestly, when the alternative is Hollywood and the dying shreds of the publishing industry, one takes refuge where one can find it.

It started out with Korone - her English wasn't great but she's so much fun that it didn't matter - and then Coco and Haachama.  Then HoloEN launched, and I found out about VOMS and particularly Pikamee, then I realised that HoloID streams in English a lot of the time, and then they doubled their numbers.

Then it was Vyolfers and her little crew, and Pomu and the gang at Nijisanji EN, and then Pina & Co. at PRISM Project.  And now back to HoloEN, increasing their group from 5 to 11 in the space of a month.

I'm hoping the market will support them all.  HoloEN is guaranteed success and Nijisanji EN seems to be doing well enough for them to go full-time.  I hope PRISM can stay the course too; they're putting together quite a pool of talent.

Disclaimer: Guh.

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1 "Running a very wide bus with a very high clock speed is even better."

Plus--well, it's probably a plus for the people selling it--it's probably a lot more expensive.

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, August 17 2021 11:25 PM (eqaFC)

2 Biden regime appears to be a Gu jar of vicious morons. They could simply be that incompetent. There there is no serious analyst of it that isn't at least considering the possibility that they are in debt to hostile foreign powers, and are deliberately trying to lose. If they are purely Chinese proxies, this is probably just incompetence. Obama is implicated in the general US situation, and Obama apparently has ties or sympathies with Iran.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Wednesday, August 18 2021 12:28 AM (DHVaH)

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