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Unholy Offspring R Us Edition

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  • Windows 11 has leaked.  (

    Microsoft has adopted a MacOS style application dock but kept the Start button, which makes no sense.  Fortunately you can change a setting - somewhere - to make it go back to normal.

    More screenshots.

    It does look pretty, for the most part.  You will be shocked to learn that the computer management interface still hasn't been updated from NT 4.

    Essentially the Windows 10 UI has been refreshed but all the older stuff - Windows 8 holdovers, Windows 7, 2000, NT, whatever - hasn't changed at all.

    That said, this is a leaked preview build and not the final product, so maybe something will be fixed before release.

Anime of the day is Kimi ni Todoke, a delightful high school romance series from 2009.  The manga was originally envisioned as a one-shot - that is, a single comic of perhaps 30 pages - but in the end it ran for 30 volumes.

The anime series aired early during the manga run so it doesn't get anywhere near the end of the overall story, but the first season wraps things up very nicely.  A little too nicely, because I was actually rather irritated by the start of season two when they had to create conflict to get things moving again.

Funny thing is, if you check the Wikipedia page and search for Asperger's you won't find it, but heroine Sawako Kuronuma is an absolute textbook case.  It's quite a good study of it, in fact.

Tech News

Little Glee Monster Anime Music Video of the Day

Song is Seishun Photograph.  Anime is a whole lot.

Disclaimer: Yup yup.

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1 Seriously?  Win11 is going to a MacOS App dock?  That is the "feature" I, coming from a long time Windows background, found most unusable and what caused me to hate Apple design philosophy with a passion.  I hate having my tabs/windows grouped.  I tend to have very large numbers of windows (especially browsers) open and slows everything down when you have to open a set of previews and hunt through them instead of just seeing the window title on a task bar.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Thursday, June 17 2021 12:54 AM (hh530)

2 Well, I'm not a fan of windows, but it's what "we" use at work.  I usually just turn off all of the graphical enhancements (animated menus, solid window drag, drop shadows, transparency) and all of the shitty stuff (tiles, suggestions, popups, alerts, whatever), and just use win+r to start whatever I need.

It dovetails neatly with my FreeBSD/linux desktop, which is evilwm and a terminal.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, June 17 2021 08:52 AM (obo9H)

3 Also, there are a lot of reasons to never use a parity RAID (RAID5, RAID6), not the least of which is that during "rebuild" you are far more likely to suffer an additional failure, rendering the whole process moot.  Just use mirrors, kids (that's RAID1, or RAID10 if you want to buck up the performance a bit).  Yeah, it looks like it costs more, but in The Long Runâ„¢ it doesn't.  Unless the data isn't important, in which case, why are you using anything but RAID0?  C'mon!

(All this is just to gripe about the developer time lost supporting a "feature" that should be pensioned off)

Posted by: normal at Thursday, June 17 2021 09:27 AM (obo9H)

4Windows 11 has leaked"
Oh no. There's fail all over the floor. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Thursday, June 17 2021 11:21 AM (5iiQK)

5 Megacorps hating one another is yet another sign the cyberpunk future is now.

Posted by: Jay at Thursday, June 17 2021 12:18 PM (0jVI9)

Also, there are a lot of reasons to never use a parity RAID (RAID5, RAID6), not the least of which is that during "rebuild" you are far more likely to suffer an additional failure
That's a significant issue with disk-based RAID, yeah.  You need RAID6 just to be comfortable of surviving a rebuild.

With SSDs, and particularly with NVMe storage, it's much less of an issue.  The drives are more reliable and both smaller and much much faster.  If your CPU is fast enough a rebuild of even a large array might take 30 minutes.

That said, our new database server at my day job is RAID-10.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, June 17 2021 07:36 PM (PiXy!)

7 Parity RAID is a performance disaster in a transactional environment, too, or used to be.
This is an old story but I was contracting at a client years ago, doing Progress work, and they called Progress to get contractors in to try to improve their in-house application's performance.  I was told the contractors walked in, looked at the RAID 5 filesystem, said "call us when you've gotten rid of that", and left.

Posted by: Rick C at Friday, June 18 2021 05:07 AM (eqaFC)

8 Yeah, RAID-5 was popular back in the day because drives were expensive, and the Progress world was dead set against it because there was no real caching and you ended up with the performance of a single drive.

These days of course a single drive can reach a million IOPS so it's less of an issue.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Friday, June 18 2021 09:37 AM (PiXy!)

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