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Daily News Stuff 16 February 2021

Baking Better Breadrolls Edition

Tech News

  • Those bumblefucks at YouTube banned Sakura Miko this time.  She has her account back, but not her members.

    873,000 subscribers doesn't warrant human review even when you have just done the same thing to other members of the same group.

    The company is run by morons.  Three times is enemy action and all that, but they are doing this to themselves.

  • My router caught fire.

    Apparently it was a short right in the plug, which was unfortunate because my first instinct was to pull the plug, and I grabbed hold of molten plastic.


    I have backup networking stuff but it's not configured the way I need so things are even more chaotic than usual.

  • A look at the Xbox Series X SOC, or XOX.  (AnandTech)

    Compared the the Xbox One X it has twice the GPU performance and three times the CPU; the One X's CPU was the same as the base Xbox One, which was...  Not great.

  • Western Digital has launched the new Green SN350 M.2 SSD range.  (Tom's Hardware)

    These are QLC NVMe devices, which are fine for the average user, but the only advantage of QLC is price, and the MSRP is exactly the same as the current price of the TLC Blue SN550 on Amazon, and only 20% cheaper than the Black SN750.

    Unless that price comes down, they make no sense.

  • AMD is releasing 28 and 56 core Epyc CPUs with their third generation Milan range unless they aren't.  (WCCFTech)

    Along with other models ranging from 8 to 64 cores.

    The listed specs indicate the 56 core model would have eight CPU chiplets each with seven cores active.  On Zen 1 and Zen 2 that would have meant unbalanced CCXes and potential scheduler problems, but Zen 3 has a unified eight core design and that particular problem wouldn't arise.

    The L2 cache numbers are wrong though, which raises a red flag.

    Intel's new Ice Lake Xeon parts are also listed here, and likewise may or may not bear any relation to reality.

  • Clubhouse is sending your data to China.  (The Verge)

    Maybe.  Apparently Clubhouse is built on Agora, which is a Chinese company, and though they say they don't transmit US-based data back to China, (a) they are probably lying and (b) Chinese users who make it past the Great Firewall are screwed.

  • Those idiots at Bloomberg are at it again.

    This is not a new story.  This is not an update to the original story from 2018.  This is the exact same story as before, with exactly the same evidence, which is to say, none whatsoever.

    Here's a thread by someone who is not an idiot breaking down exactly why the idiots at Bloomberg are in fact idiots.

  • Tried baking some breadrolls just with the pancake mix, using a higher temperature and a shorter time to avoid that thick crust.

    The best batch yet - the crust is fine and they taste great, though more like scones than dinner rolls - but they also fall apart.  Not sure how to solve that one.

  • I'm a big fan of crossing the streams, especially streams you would never expect to cross.

Definitely Not Tech News

  • Meanwhile in Melbourne, Australia's own little San Francisco, or possibly New York.

    Victoria had 90% of Australia's total WBSDP deaths despite having 25% of the country's population.  This is because it is run by idiots.

Haachama Being Haachama Video of the Day

So, Haachama wants to be part of Hololive English, being the first English speaker in Hololive and indirectly the inspiration for HoloEN itself.  Coco joined Hololive because of Haachama, and then pushed for and helped audition HoloEN Gen 1.

Now that HoloEN is auditioning for Gen 2, Haachama took the logical approach and filled out her application...  Live on stream.  Though apparently her email address is haachamachamachama@.

The application form requires a demo video to show of your skills, and here's what she submitted.

Disclaimer: Crikey, it's a gremlin.

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