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Daily News Stuff 16 August 2021

Bad News Is Good News Edition

Top Story

  • Everyone from Apple to Andrew Cuomo is now wishing they had just waited a week.

  • Microsoft wants to be the Blockchain Stasi of Anti-Piracy.  (TorrentFreak)

    The plan is to bribe people with cryptocurrencies to report software pirates, which means, because the blockchain is public data, that there is not even the pretense of anonymity for the informants.

Tech News

  • Russian ransomware gangs are working with Russian intelligence services.  (CBS News)

    No shit, Sherlock.

  • Huawei is pressuring smaller companies to install backdoors in software so that Huawei can then spy on the users.  (Mint)

    See above.

  • A hacker may or may not have breached T-Mobile's database and stolen personal details of 100 million customers.  (Bleeping Computer)

    They're offering 30 million social security numbers, drivers licenses, and other personal details for 6 Bitcoin.

  • Don't buy third-tier SSDs, I said.  Stick to the manufacturers who own their own fabs and design their own controllers, like...  I guess Samsung?  But previously also Toshiba and Intel and Micron/Crucial.

    But definitely not the Crucial P2.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This was originally a budget TLC drive.  Now it's a budget QLC drive.  Same model number, same DRAMless controller, but cheap QLC flash.

    DRAMless TLC drives have their place - for the typical desktop user, they work just fine.  QLC drives have their place - if you want a large cheap SSD for stuff that you want to load fast but don't update all that often.

    DRAMless QLC drives are an abomination before God.  Performance is terrible - as little as a quarter the speed of a similar TLC model - and lifespan is drastically reduced.

  • This incident report.  (Facebook)

    An SUV collided with a bus.  The bus collided with a power pole, which fell on the bus and took power out.

    The fire station is right next door, but the doors are electrically operated.  When they crank them open manually, there are live electrical cables blocking access.  The rear exit is blocked by an electrically operated gate.

    Meanwhile the SUV is on fire but the passengers on the bus are trapped by the downed power cables.

    Then things get complicated.

  • Nestflix and chill.  (Nestflix)

    This is your one-stop streaming service for movies and TV shows that...  Don't actually exist.

    Although...  I swear I've seen some of them.

Disclaimer: Dammit Ame, you've broken the timeline again!

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1 Note that Crucial apparently planned this little stunt, because when called out on the performance drop, they pointed out that the QLC drive performance is within the original spec, which the original TLC version handily outperformed: "Crucial claims that the P2 will live up to its specs because the company baked the performance of QLC flash right into the spec sheet at launch. But those specs don’t match the performance you’ll see in numerous reviews of the originally-shipping drives, resulting in yet another misleading component swap from an SSD manufacturer."

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, August 16 2021 11:54 PM (eqaFC)

2 Personally, I'm using Samsung 970 Evos in my gaming PC and Inland NVMe drives in the ones that don't need the extra performance.  Samsung likes being thought of as being on top of the heap so they probably won't pull this scumbaggery.

Posted by: Rick C at Monday, August 16 2021 11:55 PM (eqaFC)

3 Around 2000 or 2001 the owner of a small business that I knew got one of the Business Software Alliance "License Audit" letters.  I really wish I'd have saved it: it was a beautiful example of the sort of persiflage the dirtbags at Microsoft are so good at.  Frankly, I'm kind of shocked the BSA is still around.  I should rat myself out for my unlicensed copy of Windows 3.1 and see if they'll pay me.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, August 17 2021 01:44 AM (LADmw)

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