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Daily News Stuff 15 September 2021

Every API Call Lies Edition

Top Story

  • Apple announced a new range of cameras with phones attached to them.  (The Verge)

    They're supposed to be pretty good cameras too.

  • Apple also announced a new small tablet which gets a few things right but has some bizarre marketing.  (The Verge)

    The iPad Mini 6 has an 8.3" 3:2 screen with a resoluion of 2266x1448.  That's pretty good, and the narrower ratio is better for reading than the old 4:3 screen.  At a little under 300 grams it's the a similar size to the old Nexus 7 except about 20mm wider.

    The weird part?  Apple trumpets a "new all-screen design".

    It has huge bezels.

    "An all-new enclosure features a new edge-to-edge screen, along with narrow borders and elegant rounded corners."

    It has huge bezels.

    What do they even think they're saying here?  They have a claim about the new edge-to-edge screen surrounded by photos of huge bezels.

    I don't get it.

Tech News

  • Rare earth metal prices are soaring.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Along with less rare metals like lithium - up 150% since last year, aluminium, and copper.

    China mines half of rare earth elements and processes 85% of production, because it produces pollution like nothing else.

    I mentioned earlier that the Salton Sea by itself contains enough lithium to supply two thirds of the world's demand.  There's no shortage.  It's just that extracting these materials makes a hell of a mess.

  • Kioxia - which I insist is pronounced kosher - formerly Toshiba's flash storage division is making SLC SSDs again  (Tom's Hardware)

    The disadvantage is that these drives cost tree times as much to make as typical TLC models.  The advantage is that they're up to 10 times as fast in terms of read latency, so you can sell them for five times as much.

    That still leaves them slower than Intel's Optane, which uses an entirely different technology, but Optane costs about five times as much again.

Framework Laptop Review Video of the Day

Rossman isn't afraid to tear apart products figuratively as well as literally, but he's genuinely impressed with this one.  He has some criticisms but they're relatively muted and don't require the flammenwerfer as his streams tend to (most often when talking about the city and state of New York, and the governments and property markets thereof).

Disclaimer: Hans, get the repair manual for the flammenwerfer.

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1 The screen goes from one edge of the screen to the other edge of the screen.  I don't understand your confusion.

8 inches is a much more reasonable size for a tablet for reading (and, honestly, most gaming) than the 10 and 11 inch ones.  If it weren't an Apple I'd probably actually buy one.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, September 16 2021 04:17 AM (eqaFC)

2 Rick C, you dang genius!  It's the tautological screen!  It's entirely itself and it's not what it ain't, and there ain't nothin' like it.  Thanks, Appl Cmputng for solidifying my reality.  If only some other company had though to make something that is what it is and ain't waht it ain't.  Oh well.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, September 16 2021 12:08 PM (obo9H)

3 I was genuinely confused.  I thought they'd done some kind of smart bezels, where the screen really did fill the face of the tablet but by default the border was black and touch was turned off in that area.

So I went looking for a demo of this neat new feature and found...  Nothing.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thursday, September 16 2021 03:19 PM (PiXy!)

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