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Daily News Stuff 14 February 2021

St Valentine Was Famously Eaten By Bears Edition

Tech News

A Hat in Time Video of the Day

Holoquake Video of the Day

I saw a video of their reactions earlier, and couldn't find it just now.  Turns out it was taken down because several of them were playing Momotaro Dentetsu and it's a copyright strike magnet.  So this is the same one, only severely cropped in parts.

Also, yes, that's Roboco.  Only now she has cat ears and a comfy fuzzy sweater.

Korone too.

Everyone was fine; this was closer but a lot smaller than the massive 2011 Tōhoku quake.

HoloMath Video of the Day

Cavi* gives her thoughts on the new generation.

* Check the plate of Valentine's Day chocolates.

Disclaimer: I backed that game on Kickstarter, and it's one of the best things I've backed.  It's great to see the Hololive girls have picked it up and it's getting a fresh round of fans.

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