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Daily News Stuff 13 February 2021

Bacon Pancakes Edition

Tech News

  • Well, the chicken I ordered for my next round of cooking experiments was out of stock - chicken breast pre-cut into nugget-sized pieces because I'm lazy and it's only another 50¢ per kilogram - so I'll just be doing a roast instead.

    Today I tried baking a couple of batches of gluten-free soda bread, first just with self-raising flour, then with half-and-half self-raising flour and pancake mix.

    The first attempt was, I think the word is, bad.  The second attempt tasted much better but had a thick crunchy crust and didn't rise enough.

    Going to order some yeast and experiment some more.  I've tried gluten-free bread mixes a few times in the bread machine without success, so here I'm doing it by hand.

  • The RTX 3060 is on its way in a couple of weeks.  (AnandTech)

    This is 14/19ths of a 3060 Ti core with 3/4 the bandwidth and 3/2 the RAM for 329/399ths of the price.

    Will you be able to buy one?  Shake shake.  Signs point to no.

  • Raspberry Pi has already sold one million Picos.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Unfortunately they only made 200,000 in the initial production run, so even if you got your order in you could be waiting a while.

    A few suppliers still have stock but have strict limits on purchase quantities.

  • Rocket Lake desktop parts are on their way.  If you were looking forward to the new Xe graphics core, here's some bad news for you.  (WCCFTech)

    The core in the desktop version is drastically reduced from the laptop parts - one third the number of cores.

  • Amazon has filed suit in New York to block a suit by the New York Attorney General over unsafe working conditions, claiming that federal occupational safety laws pre-empt state laws.  (ZDNet)

    It's an interesting theory.

  • I missed the start of Coco's latest Twitch-plays-Pokemon Minecraft stream, so now I'm waiting for the livestream to end so I can go back and watch the beginning.  She's stopped playing Minecraft, but then she read superchats for an hour and launched straight into karaoke, so it might be a while.

    The reason I missed it - one of the reasons, because I was also asleep at the time - is that YouTube shadowbanned the stream.  She noticed the shadowban beforehand, and re-created the stream....  And they shadowbanned that too.

    The way YouTube shadowbans work is that videos don't show up in your feed, recommendations, or notifications even if you subscribe to that channel.

    They also shadowbanned Kiara's last two streams, and Gura's collab with Amelia today.  Kiara posted to her YouTube community page to let people know about the shadowbanned streams, and they shadowbanned her post.

    Those three between them have over four million subscribers - and corporate backing - so just imagine what happens to smaller channels.

    Regular shadowbans are basically committing fraud on your users, making them think they are posting publicly when only their followers can see them.  YouTube shadowbans are fraud against the followers as well.

    I'm keeping a log of things social networks shouldn't do, and this ranks right up there.

    Update: I just realised.  She was doing Chat plays Minecraft on the HoloJP server, not single player this time.  I mean, I saw that in the part I caught earlier, it just didn't register.

    But the very first question she asked chat was which button to click on the Minecraft loading screen.

    Update: Reine pre-emptively titled her latest stream "I love YouTube".

  • Yandex caught an employee selling access to private emails.  (ZDNet)

    Only three employees in the company had the sysadmin rights to be able do this, so once they found that it was happening, the investigation as to who was responsible was probably quite short.

    Good advertising for ProtonMail though.

  • Speaking of which, I will support end-to-end encrypted messages in Mana (the new platform) but not in V1.  You'll need to download an app, which will basically be a local instance of Mana, bundled up to run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

    Mobile apps are not on the radar at all, but there is already a full API, so anyone who wants to will be able to write one.

Definitely Not Tech News

  • Magnitude 7.1 earthquake off the coast of Fukushima.  (Japan Times)

    No tsunami is expected this time but people on the coast nearby were advised to seek high ground.

  • Some tweets age better than others.

    Yes, talking about exactly who you think we were talking about.

The Show Must Go On, Even If No-One Knows the Words Video of the Day

The rest of Hololive is just as confused about Haachama as her viewers.

Just Make the Anime Already

Disclaimer: Not the bees!

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