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Rolls Of Ricks Edition

Top Story

Anime of the day is Ushio and Tora - the one from 1992, not the recent remake.

It's the story of Ushio, a kid growing up in a Shinto temple not entirely unlike Tenchi from Tenchi Muyou, whose distant ancestor captured a deadly demon and imprisoned it on the temple grounds, not entirely unlike Tenchi Muyou.

Except instead of a cute - if extremely dangerous - girl, Tora is an enormous tiger-like demon spirit thingy.  And its mere presence on the temple grounds draws lesser demons like moths to a flame, so Ushio is forced to release Tora and form a pact before the demons kill him and everyone in the vicinity.

The manga for this ran for 33 volumes and has sold tens of millions of copies.  The original 90s OVA series only ran for 11 episodes and finished airing before the manga was even half-way done.

More recently there's been a 39-episode TV remake and unusually for this sort of thing it's not half bad.  The animation quality is better and of course it's in all wide-screen and high-definition.  And it sticks to a very 90s aesthetic, which I love.

Unfortunately they lost the original soundtrack, which I also love, and replaced it with something that is serviceable but doesn't have any spark for me.  On the other hand, you can get the complete Blu-Ray collection for twenty bucks online, and it covers much more of the story than the original version.

There are good clips of the original OVA on YouTube somewhere, but I can't find them anymore because the search results have been overrun by the remake.  So this is a clip of the full=length version of the opening theme, rather than what actually appeared in the OVAs.

Tech News

  • You're a slave to multiple masters, with no rights whatsoever.  Here's why that's a good thing.  (Gizmodo)

    The author explains that it's a good thing because she has the mental capacity of a retarded mosquito.

  • AMD's 4700S might be a faulty PlayStation 5 chip with disabled graphics and not an Xbox chip.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Looking at the side by side photos, that assessment seems correct to me.  The CPU cores are identical and the graphics switched off, so it was only by looking at the physical chips that someone could confirm this.

    Asked to confirm this, AMD said:
    AMD 4700S Desktop Kit is its own unique solution, designed to address the desire for robust, high-core count performance in the mainstream market – ideal for multi-tasking, productivity, and light 3D workflows.
    Which is a lot of words for yes but I'm not allowed to say so.

  • How to merge two Apple IDs into one, part one of sixty.  (Brian Stucki)

    1. Don't.
    2. No, seriously, don't.
    3. Beer.
    4. Wait, what was I doing again?

  • Science Based Medicine shoots self in foot, reloads, and repeats.  (Jesse Singal)

    Science Based Medicine is an effort to defend medicine from obvious quackery - homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic bullshit, healing crystals and a hundred other kinds of fashionable nonsense - and also from irreproducible research, noting that half of all new research papers published in medical journals are wrong to the point of worthlessness.

    Unfortunately - and this is something I've noticed before, because I've been following them for more than a decade - they all lean left politically and are utterly blind to bullshit dressed in the trappings of progressivism.

    In this case it's the blatantly obvious moral panic of transgender teenagers, and the accompanying idea that irreversible medical interventions on minors are suddenly a good idea because shut up you bigot.

    This ideological blindness is why I dropped almost all the podcasts I listened to a year ago and switched to Hololive and other vtubers.  It means I need to read the news rather than listening to it while I work, but it also means that I don't get enraged by fresh outbreaks of woke insanity every fifty minutes.

    If it comes to a choice between science and tech mixed with socialism and a Japanese-speaking Australian girl swearing at a thousand words per minute and singing the Aeroplane Jelly song, I'll take the latter.

    Oh, the article tearing Science Based Medicine a new arsehole is written by Jesse Singal, who is kind of annoying in his own right.  He correctly identified the dangers of CRT and the rest of the woke bullshit but voted for Biden because he thought that would calm things down which is, if not quite the stupidest decision imaginable, at least commendable effort.

Vtuber of the Day

So IRyS - Hololive EN's new diva - debuted today, with 90,000 live viewers and 338,000 subscribers.  She even at the last minute managed to get her Twitter account unlocked.

Her audio wasn't working on her first three attempts but she just kept going until it did, and minor scuffage aside it was a big success.

I was hoping she'd have the opportunity to do some game and/or chat streams and not spend all her time recording music as Hololive originally did with AZKi but it looks like she's going full blast into a regular streaming schedule interspersed with music instead.

Oh, and Olivia from HoloID had her interdimensional debut due to Ame stepping on a bug.

But neither IRyS nor Ollie's Outer Limits sister nor new crazy Aussie sheila Luto from PRISM are today's vtuber of the day.  Instead we have - spoiler warning - successful indie streamer kson ONAIR.

kson streams most often on Japanese site Mildom - great naming, guys - but also has 662,000 subscribers on YouTube.  She's an avid cosplayer, making her own top-notch costumes and also filling them out rather well.

She also has - spoiler warning - a rather distinctive voice.

Yes, if you ignored the warnings, that is exactly who you think it is.

Update: Can I embed a tweet within a spoiler tag?  Let's find out!


Anime Music Intermission Video of the Day

The original Ushio and Tora also included a bonus comedy episode called the CD Theatre, with little skits interspersed with songs like this one.  

Oh, wait, the whole damn bonus episode is on YouTube and it's not even region locked.


Oh, it's dubbed.  Never mind, at least they didn't mess with the songs.

They didn't mess with the songs, right?  Tell me they didn't mess with the songs!

Disclaimer: They didn't mess with the songs.

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Posted by: normal at Sunday, July 11 2021 11:12 PM (obo9H)

2 Unintentionally hilarious mactard is unintentionally hilarious:
"Was it worth it?

Absolutely. I can’t tell you how nice it is to log in with the same email everywhere. I no longer have to remember which service is on which ID.

And I totally understand why Apple doesn’t have a way to do all of this automatically. There would be so much data lost in conflicts.

I changed the image on my new Apple ID. As that shows up different places, I know I’m using the right one. It’s so nice to see that new image everywhere now."

1.  Writes like a 13 year old girl. 2.  Thinks that data being in open, portable, human-readable formats is Hard Work. 3.  Having JUST THE RIGHT picture in xer profile makes xim feel safe.
There's a lot more baggage to unpack if you feel like mining the subtext for a few hours, but suffice it to say it read like a 2nd year trig textbook, in that it's full of problems.

Posted by: normal at Sunday, July 11 2021 11:18 PM (obo9H)

3 Shouldn't we be kind of skeptical of Science Based Medicine on its own merits?

Take engineering, which is also a profession that it is possible to do scientific research within. 

One of the points of engineering professionals is knowledge of how well their tools have been tested, so that they can know which tools are appropriate for a problem, and how to make conservative technical choices. 

One can imagine a situation where all the tools simple enough to use easily have been discovered, and all the remaining topics of 'engineering research', are in adding epicycles to tools, making them too complex to be of any real world use.  At that point, the correct choice for engineers would be preserving the simple tools, and ignoring the results of 'scientific research'. 

If the engineers were killing people because of trying to make the scientists think they were cool, the public would obviously have a right to ignore the engineers. 

So, even if I think that doctors /as a profession/* have their heads up their rears, my first instinct is that trying to impose a fancy external standard is much more harmful then alternative medicine could ever be.

Caveat, I'm at least a little bit sympathetic with alternative medicine.

*The AMA is not an organization that lends status to the profession.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, July 12 2021 12:15 AM (6y7dz)

4 One of the key goals of Science Based Medicine - in the past - was to tackle bad science.  They seem to have abandoned that, and in doing so, abandoned their purpose entirely.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 12 2021 01:02 AM (PiXy!)

5 I was trying to argue that science, good or bad, might not be the perfect standard to evaluate medical or engineering work by.

Like how 'forensic evidence is not scientifically sound' overlooks that 'scientifically sound' requires aggregation, and that the legal system admitting evidence is putting individuals on trial, not some aggregate collective. 

After post comment reflection, I recalled that I had persuaded myself that I was wrong to be so confident in scientific 'principles' that I have /faith/ that alternative medicine cannot work.

Initial motivation for that realization was the observation that communists and socialists are animists for their 'models' of human behavior.  I noticed that I was going doomer/glowie because I was putting too much faith in ideologically conservative models of human behavior.  I persuaded myself that this was fundamentally a mistake, and the same mistake as the left. 

Core point with human behavior models, such as history, social sciences, anthropology, etc., is that a human mind may be unable to hold a model that captures the full state space for a human mind.  Definitely, when you are looking at enough humans, the potential state space is beyond even the best human mind.  So, every theory we have is at best a reduced order model, that describes behavior in some circumstances, but not all circumstances.  Humans are much more complicated than widgets.

Biology is somewhere between human behavior and widgets in complexity.  In particular, human biology is more complex than the design of any widget that humans can realize. 

The plausibility test that Science Based Medicine advocates is a reduced order model.  For a complex unknown system, a simple model may be reliably wrong.  Therefore, perhaps the plausibility test should be of /lower/ priority than the clinical effectiveness test. 

At a minimum, the state space for human medicine is all the chemical concentrations, and their associated reaction rates.  So there is always another confounding factor, always something else we are missing.

My original opinion on medicine was that if we cannot say how it works, or if theory says it should not work, I should treat it as 'goetia' and avoid it.  I have come to believe that this is itself a heretical form of animism, and I should work to avoid it. 

I'm still pretty skeptical of homeopathy.  That theory of dilution runs counter to principles of dilution observed from chemistry.  I think the accepted wisdom of chemistry is probably correct.  However, the quality of my own understanding is not so great that I can definitely rule out some insane memory effect in chemistry or whatever. 

I think it is still appropriate for me to be skeptical of perpetual motion machines.  However, science generally has so much lies and incompetence that I could believe that there have been quite serious fundamental oversights. 

Human biology seems to have a lot of individual variation.  My own health situation is apparently strange enough that I am pretty clueless about what is really happening.  I think it is bad for patients to chase every option, but I am sure it is worse to have a bunch of technocrats playing treatment police. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Monday, July 12 2021 04:45 AM (6y7dz)

6 Remember though that the scientific method boils down to "try it and see".

We know homeopathy is false because (a) the explanation for it contradicts what we've already tried and seen with biology and medicine, (b) the physical explanation for it would mean that chemistry that has been tried and shown to work would not work, and (c) we've tried it, and it doesn't work.

The problem I have with the organisation Science Based Medicine here is that what they are posting on this subject is the very antithesis of science-based.  They have completely abandoned their principles.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Monday, July 12 2021 09:36 AM (PiXy!)


AARP offers its people exemplary benefits and direction through a couple of extended online courses and the position online site. It's troublesome gives medical care inclusion yet www aaa myprepaidbalance furthermore passes on care of money related orchestrating, social confirmation, and government making game plans for appropriate individuals.

Posted by: devdiscusslogins at Tuesday, July 13 2021 11:06 PM (NoypD)

8 Re: current spam comment Fuck the AARP. I'm not quite as opposed to working for it as I would be opposed to working for the SS, but it is one of many organizations that I want to have nothing to do with. Even if I was retired, and looking for an organization to advance those interests, I could be pretty sure the AARP would happily grift me for whatever, at the same time as endorsing euthanasia of the elderly. (I'm not saying that they are currently pushing euthanasia, I don't know about that, I simply do not trust them on that or any other issue.)

Posted by: PatBuckman at Wednesday, July 14 2021 12:29 AM (6y7dz)

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