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Daily News Stuff 11 February 2021

Road To Amelion Edition

Tech News

  • Another day, another blonde chaos gremlin hits the million mark.

    🎉 Watson Amelia🔎 celebrates 1,000,000 subscribers 🎉 from r/Hololive

    She was playing Oblivion at the time, but she had an Instant Party button wired up ready to go.

  • Comparing the Threadripper Pro 3995WX to mere mortal systems.  (AnandTech)

    This is the Lenovo Thinkstation P620 again, and not the Asus motherboard.  Which is a shame, because it would be really nice to see this tested with consumer rather than OEM parts.

    It only came out slightly ahead of the 3990X, but what you're paying for here is the far greater memory and I/O capacity rather than raw performance.

  • Samsung is planning a new $17 billion fab in Texas.  (AnandTech)

    Production is expected to start coming online as soon as 2023.

  • Speaking of Samsung, Qualcomm's new 5G modem chips use their 4nm process.  (AnandTech)

    Or more precisely, will do so, since the parts aren't shipping yet.  They're expected to arrive in flagship phones this year though.

  • Cooking up some baby potatoes in my air fryer now as an experiment.  Only cooked chips, chicken nuggets, and simple things like that previously.

    Verdict: Not bad.  As Terry Pratchett said, if you add butter and salt they taste like salty butter.

  • AMD's StoreMI caching software now works with Threadripper Pro systems.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Okay, it makes sense to test and qualify it across your full range of desktop CPUs, but on the other hand, no-one is going to spend $5000 on a CPU and then want driver-based hybrid storage.

    On the third hand, the 16 core Threadripper Pro is only $1150, so maybe there's a niche there.

  • Let's Encrypt is prepping.  (Let's Encrypt)

    They issue an average of two million certificates per day, but want to be prepared in case disaster strikes and every single certificate needs to be reissued at once.

    They've upgraded to new Dell Epyc servers with 2TB of RAM for the databases, 25Gb Ethernet using hardware donated by Cisco, and dedicated encryption hardware capable of 800 million signing operations per day.

  • Apple: North Dakota bill threatens to destroy the iPhone as you know it.  (MacRumors)

    Everyone else: Good.

  • Before Cat Lawyer there was Cat Chemist.  (

    Same software struck in the same way back in 2013.  That was before Zoom even existed.  It was shipped as a default webcam filter on some Dell laptops.

  • Shame, PyPI.  Shame.

  • Did the Democrats just get caught using fake evidence in the impeachment farce?

    Yes.  The answer is yes.

  • Publishing a new ERC721 contract (with some custom features) on the Matic EVM-compatible network costs $0.000489.

    Over the past 24 hours, publishing the same contract to the Ethereum mainnet would have cost between $600 and $2600 depending on when you were unfortunate enough to be trying to do it.

    Last time I was publishing new contracts - about nine months ago - it was around $20, and that was already a problem because the contract required several last-minute revisions.

    The current situation is insane.

World's Fastest Doog Video of the Day

Blink and you'll die in a traffic accident.

I See Nazi People Video of the Day

Gina Carano was fired by Disney for calling attention to the dangers of ostracising and blacklisting people over their opinions.

Linking to Clownfish here because most of the sites are lying about this, celebrating it, or both.

Disclaimer: I see Nazi people.  They don't know they're Nazis.  They're everywhere.

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1 After <i>Mulan of the Will</i>, it is harmful to Disney's image to oppose totalitarian speech control.  Same terms of employment as the actresses who portrayed Disney Princesses at theme parks. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, February 12 2021 12:37 AM (6y7dz)

2 It has to be a sign of the times that Samsung's plans to build a fab plant in Texas caused me to muse 'Does that mean the ROK will have a reason to sent troops to support Texas if/when the Lone Star State and its' counterparts push the big button, or is it a reason for the ROK to send troops to help the Establishment suppress Texas and its' counterpart states when they push the big button?'

Posted by: cxt217 at Friday, February 12 2021 10:30 AM (4i7w0)

3 I think Texas is probably less risky than many other states, and the US is still less risky than quite a lot of places. Construction delays because of war screwing up the logistics are a better risk than China or Russia grabbing it or even than the Yanderepean Union going nuts. RoK probably doesn't have the logistics or the strategic freedom to send troops to the US.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Friday, February 12 2021 01:54 PM (6y7dz)

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