Wednesday, March 10


Daily News Stuff 10 March 2021

Asdfghjkl Edition

Tech News

  • Samsung's new 980 Nothing is a DRAMless TLC NVMe SSD.  (AnandTech)

    Performance isn't bad as long as you enable the Host Memory Buffer, which uses (by default) 64MB of RAM to replace the missing RAM on the SSD.  If you don't do that, then performance is bad.  But 64MB on a modern system is not a lot.  Watch a busy Hololive stream and Chrome will leak that much memory every minute.

    It's priced to compete with Intel's 670p, which has DRAM on-board but is QLC.

  • This is not the bear you're not looking for.  (The Drive)

    You can't see what you don't know isn't there, particularly with computer assistance.

  • A simple explanation of the new Git vulnerability 1/75.

    In Soviet Russia, GitHub hacks you.

Squirrel Song Video of the Day

Disclaimer: LP0 on fire.

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