Wednesday, April 28


Akai And Akko

So Aoi will continue to be named Aoi, and the new main server in Dallas will be Mikan, and I'll just leave the ZFS storage pool with a weird name.

Because Akko and Akai are up and running here in Sydney.

Each is (in theory, at least) a 12 core server with 48GB of RAM and 720GB of RAID-10 SSD.

Since they're virtual servers, how much CPU I get is variable, and RAM is potentially variable too.  I'm not sure if they deliberately oversell or just allow idle VMs to gradually swap out.  If I don't log in to my existing server for a day or two it's noticeably slow at first when I eventually do log in, before coming back up to full speed in 15 seconds or so, which looks exactly like a VM that's swapped out to SSD.  (A VM that's swapped out to spinning disk might take 15 minutes to recover, or not recover at all.)

In any case, one of these is cheaper than my existing 2 core 4GB virtual server, which of course also delivers variable levels of resources.

Ping time is 7ms.  I can't really complain about that; before I upgraded to fiber last year, nothing, not even my own ISP, had a ping time less than 15ms.

After I signed up the servers got stuck at Creating for an hour.  Opened a support ticket and they were fixed in seven minutes.

Apart from that I'm pretty happy so far.  With the servers I can now replace, these two will pay for themselves in four months, while providing much more CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth.

Update: These Xeon Silver cores may be a little slow by modern standards, peaking at 3.2GHz where Mikan can manage 5.3GHz, but they're not slow slow.  Single-threaded performance is almost exactly the same as this server, but on a 12 core CPU rather than a 4 core.  And multi-threaded performance actually is about three times as fast as this server.

I'm getting 1GB/sec reads and 1.4GB/sec writes to disk on both servers.  Which are probably on the same hardware node, so no surprise that the numbers are the same.

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