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Daily News Stuff 8 June 2020

Mail-In Rebate Edition

Tech News

  • Tiger Lake is on its way.  (WCCFTech)

    On the low-power laptop front, this will pit Intel's quad-core CPUs and lacklustre 10nm process against AMD's existing 8 core designs and TSMC's 7nm process.  But their new integrated graphics may, for the first time ever, be competitive.

    For full-size laptops, Intel will have eight cores, and improved IPC, which may make their chips more competitive.  On the other hand, there are already 16 core Ryzen laptops shipping, albeit at 65W rather than 45W.

  • Sapphire Rapids is also on its way.  (WCCFTech)

    This is Intel's next new server architecture, expected next year, that will compete with Zen 4.  It will be built on Intel's 10nm process - where Zen 4 will likely be 5nm - but will support DDR5 and PCIe 5.0.  The new socket will have 4677 pins.

    It's expected to have as many as 48 cores...  In 2021, by which time AMD may well be shipping 128 core parts.

  • A look at that Command & Conquer source code release.  (Hydrogen 18)

  • Urban foxes in Britain may be domesticating themselves.  (Science)

    Bark bark yip yip.  Growl.

  • FoundationDB is a distributed embedded database.  (GitHub)

    Which is an interesting idea if you want to build a distributed - or distributable - app but don't want to force your users to manually configure distributed databases themselves.

    It does have just a few limitations.

    Annoying ones, because for the most part they've just thrown in arbitrary and unalterable restrictions.  Values can't be more than 100K, for example.  Why 100K?  Because.  Transactions can't update more than 10MB of data or take longer than 5 seconds.  Why 10MB?  Why 5 seconds?  Because.

Video of the Day

What exactly is in the Die, Twitter Scum! executive order?

An interesting point that sidesteps Section 230 entirely is that the FTC will review social networks' terms of service to make sure they are holding up their end of the bargain - which we know they are not.  They all lie constantly about both what they do and why they do it.  And the FTC has clear authority to act on this.

Anime Music Video of the Day

I guess.

Disclaimer: Crabs are friends, not food.

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