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Daily News Stuff 7 October 2020

The Magic Goes Away Edition

Tech News

  • Wonderduck pointed out the reason for my bizarre and wonderful YouTube feed - not YouTube itself (or chronosynclastic infundibuli) but a caching bug in Google Translate.

    Subscribe to thirty-five Hololive channels all at once and you too can experience the joys of LexxTube.

  • And also two hours of adorable insanity as Korone plays Untitled Rat Game.

  • The House Judiciary Committee has produced a report recommending that AAFG be regulated or broken up.  (

    This is the majority report.  That is, it's written by the Democrat members of the committee.  And the big tech companies are the Democrats' best friends in the world.

    The chaos should be delightful to watch.

    Not that they are wrong.

  • Netflix are left out of this report.  But that's okay because they've been indicted on criminal charges over Cuties.  (TMZ)

    I expect that to go nowhere, and to go nowhere far more quickly and at less expense than the antitrust action, but still, popcorn futures.

  • In actual tech news ASRock has some new STX-format Tiger Lake motherboards.  (Tom's Hardware)

    These don't have USB4, but given what I just learned about USB4 that's probably for the best.

    They do have two network ports (2.5Gb and 1Gb) and four HDMI ports, including one at the front.  Which is not something you'd need every day but would be really useful for a test-bench machine.

  • Apple's T2 security chip is broken and unfixable.  (ironPeak)

    If you allow untrusted parties unsupervised physical access to your Mac.  So don't do that.

Please Don't Suck Video of the Day

It's out in early access today, but I'll wait.  Still have, um, several games left in the queue.

It has 3127 reviews on Steam at time of writing.  I was confused by that, since it supposedly only hit early access today.

In fact, it did only hit early access today.  3127 reviews.  In less than a day.  Average rating "very positive".

Disclaimer: Bloop.

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1 That flat affect in those hololive vids creeps me out.  I keep thinking that (much like Pacman in the 80s) kids are going to start imitating that, but then I remember that Bell Delphine guy already exists.  Sheesh, I'll be overjoyed when SMOD finally gets here.

Posted by: normal at Thursday, October 08 2020 12:21 AM (LADmw)

2 Sucking the joy out of everything, it's WONDERDUCK!  *heh*

Posted by: Wonderduck at Friday, October 09 2020 06:11 AM (vNkOW)

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