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Daily News Stuff 6 June 2020

Putting The Worms Back In The Can Edition

Tech News

  • Yesterday afternoon one of those wonderful high-end enterprise NVMe SSDs we have in our new servers at work dropped dead.

    I have the data volumes in RAID-0 because the databases are replicated, but the operating system is RAID-1.  Despite that, the server would not reboot, even with the failed card removed.  Ended up replacing the card and reinstalling, which at least gave me the opportunity to upgrade it to 20.04.

    That done, I started work on reloading everything from the other cluster nodes - at which point we had a power distribution failure to our rack.  My own server sailed through this without blinking, it was just our work cluster that went offline in he middle of a rebuild.

  • Speaking of rebuilds, had a drive failure in one of those free Synology boxes this morning as well.  Fortunately it's configured RAID-6 so nothing is lost, it just beeped a lot.  Had another drive failure in one of the other boxes as well, but it was one that was detected as having bad sectors previously so I didn't put it into an array anyway.

    At least they're not QNAP.  (ZDNet)

  • On the plus side, the world's best peanuts ® are back in stock.

    A couple of weeks ago I ordered my usual bag of brand-name salted peanuts, but they were out of stock and in their place I got store-brand unsalted peanuts.

    I was mildly disgruntled with this substitution until I sampled them.  Then I was much more disgruntled to find that the store-brand peanuts were now also out of stock, because they are the best damn peanuts I've ever had.

    Anyway, they're back again, and I bought two bags this evening - one each salted and unsalted - and have six more coming with my next grocery order.  And yes, I checked, and they're just as good as the first batch.

  • Speaking of going to the shops this evening, things are definitely returning to normal here.  Not quite there yet, but a lot more people out and about.

    A lot more in the city centre.  (Sydney Morning Herald)

    Fortunately we've had zero new community Bat Flu cases in New South Wales in the past week, so that is unlikely to cause a second wave.

    Meanwhile the WHO has said that yeah, maybe people should wear masks.

    Thanks guys.  Thanks a whole lot.

  • A mini-ITX Socket 1200 motherboard.  (AnandTech)

    From Biostar.

    With VGA.  And PS/2.

    For $200.


  • A mini-ITX Atom C3800 motherboard.  (Serve the Home)

    This is a companion piece to STH's CPU review of the C3858 - a 12-core 25W Atom-based server CPU.  Here they look at board features, such as the eight built-in network ports - four 1GbE, two 10Gbase-T, and two 10G SFP+.  Plus yet another for remote management.

    That's amazing network support, but beyond that it has just four SATA ports, one M.2 slot, and one PCIe x4 slot.  So I'm not sure exactly what it's useful for.

  • China wants a kill switch for the internet.  (PC Perspective)

    I agree with PCPer that this is probably a bad idea.

  • TechDirt is very, very drunk today.

  • And has quite possibly got into the 'shrooms.  (TechDirt)

  • I wouldn't count on Reddit surviving the year.  (Tech Crunch)

    Not as any sort of viable platform.

  • Liquid helium is also back in stock.  (Physics Today)

  • Mint dumps Snap.  (ZDNet)

    Snap is Ubuntu's new package manager which has the advantage over older tools of...  Basically nothing.

    And now Canonical, makers of Ubuntu, are pushing APT packages which are nothing but wrappers for Snap packages, so not only do you have no choice which package manager to use, you are not even told which package manager you are using.

    I haven't had any problems with Snap apart from the fact that every single fucking package is listed as it's own filesystem which is absolutely retarded.  If I wanted to crap all over my servers like that I'd use Docker.

  • USB-C is a beautiful train wreck.  (Android Authority)

    Good connector, high speeds, incredible flexibility, atrocious standardisation.

Disclaimer: And a big bag of mixed peanuts and cashews as well.  If I die, I'll die full of vegetable protein.

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