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Fuck All The Words Edition

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Minecraft ASMR Video of the Day

This hasn't yet streamed at time of posting, but if anyone can do Minecraft ASMR it's Roboco.

Disclaimer: We use "fuck" for everything.  We're eco-fucking-nomical.

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1 I'm guessing crypto currency stuff is a response to other economic and political instabilities? ECC link goes to the article from the same source (Tom's) that was linked above. I was able to navigate to see the ECC article. Not excited to hear that MS wants to 'fix' the Windows interface again. I'm thinking that things are getting wild enough that some of the conventional wisdom of silicon valley may wind up having to change. No comment on US politics. I've been finding myself writing things much too long on it. And restraining myself from doing a public info search on Raffensperger's civil engineering career.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Wednesday, January 06 2021 02:16 AM (6y7dz)

2 To Pat Buckman:
I went to that news site for hackers this morning and one of the top links was something on "Inflation truthers."
Thanks to the Great Firewall of Cascadia, you can't talk about a great deal of things in "polite company" on the centralized parts of the net, including the censorship on the centralized parts of the net. But you can talk about how Bitcoin is neat for "Oh, no reason, I guess it's just a superior ponzi scheme. Now tell me more about MMT again, I hear that's neat too. And about how Biden is lucid and stuff, since I can never see it for myself."
Meanwhile, I expect them to be switching, or switching back, from emphasizing Orange Man Bad to Orange Money Bad. Or to embrace the healing power of "and."
I don't know what the deal is with Ethereum per se, but I _suspect_ there's more tokenized bitcoins floating around the ethereum blockchain than is generally known, and at least some of them are in the forms of futures contracts. So every time the price of bitcoin goes up or down 5 to 10% (i.e. days ending in 'y') or some smart contracts get caught in a short squeeze and suddenly they need to execute a lot of code and the gas price spikes as a result.
I don't know if there's enough easily available public data to test this hypothesis.

Posted by: Philip Fraering at Wednesday, January 06 2021 04:05 AM (Clxcy)

3 Oh, and I forgot to mention: the link to the discussion of Linus' comments on ECC memory goes to an article about graphics cards.
This seems to be the right link:

Posted by: Philip Fraering at Wednesday, January 06 2021 06:59 AM (Clxcy)

4 Thanks, fixed the ECC link now.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, January 06 2021 09:16 AM (PiXy!)

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