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Bonus Frittering Away the Long Weekend Watching Hololive Video of the Day

Coco seems to be most fluent in English of the main Hololive group, and for some reason she sounds like she's from Georgia - but only when speaking English.

I tuned into Gawr Gura for a bit but she's not nearly as entertaining.

Disclaimer: Today is truth in advertising day.

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1 The Invincible plays off some of the same underlying ideas as Niven's "The Locusts" or . . . uh that one story by WIlliam Gibson . . . no, Bruce Sterling's "The Swarm".  I mean, I'm a pretty big Lem fan, but it's not really up there with Hospital of the Transfiguration or His Master's Voice.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, October 03 2020 11:50 PM (obo9H)

2 I'm pretty sure Coco has spent considerable time in America. Projeckt Melody, discussing the recent unpleasantness indicated that they've collaborated in the past. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sunday, October 04 2020 07:44 AM (5iiQK)

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