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Daily News Stuff 3 January 2021

You Can't Prove Anything Edition

Tech News

  • Lessons learned from the SSDNodes outage: They have pretty good support for a budget VPS provider.  30 minutes to resolve a host node problem at 1AM on a Sunday is fine, though perhaps better monitoring could have caught this earlier.

    Also, the backups appear to be snapshots attached to the host node.  Fine if you accidentally splatted your database, not so useful if the entire node goes down.

    After the reboot, I averaged 487MB per second creating a 60GB file (for setting up a ZFS filesystem).  I've seen it running faster but that's quite acceptable, and faster than you get on Digital Ocean volumes for example.

  • Need 5GbE?  Only have USB?  Not sure what to buy?  Serve the Home got you covered.

    Sabrent NT-SS5G.
    StarTech US5GA30.
    TRENDnet TUC-ET5G.

    In short: Don't get the TRENDnet.  It bad.

    The others only deliver around 3.5Gbps, because they run USB 3.0, which is only 5Gbps itself and has its own overhead to account for.  But if you're otherwise stuck on plain old Gigabit Ethernet that's still a pretty big gain.

  • Global app spending reached $407 million on Christmas.  (SensorTower)

    Apple removed 39,000 games from their Chinese app store on New Year's Eve, including 95% of the top 1500 paid titles.  (Reuters)

    For every hard-won success there is an equal and opposite China ruins everything.

  • ZipFly generates Zip files on the fly with Python.  (GitHub)

    That is, it doesn't need to write to disk or build the entire file in memory first.  This is great if, for example, your app needs to deliver multiple CSV or JSON downloads at once in a convenient form.

    I have a use for this.

  • Tohru went splut again just now...  At the exact moment my new combination washer/dryer switched from the wash cycle to the dry cycle.

    Which might be a coincidence except that my home office is on the same power circuit as the laundry.

    Time to look for a small UPS, I think.  I have one lying around but it's pretty old and at this point it's more of a hazardous waste boat anchor.

    My iMac didn't blip, but it wasn't running anything and the screen was off, so it wouldn't have been drawing much power anyway.

And Noel Is One of the Normal Ones Video of the Day

Celebrating the Year of the Busty Vtuber.

No, Really Video of the Day

So, only English-language Hololive Minecraft stream today was from Ollie of ID Gen 2.  I hadn't watched her before.  She's...  Different, even for the circus that is Hololive.

Disclaimer: First it was catgirls in mikan boxes, now this.  What is the world coming to?

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