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Daily News Stuff 3 December 2020

Botangelion Edition

Tech News

  • Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 888, with the new high-end Arm X1 core.  (AnandTech)

    But it only has one of those cores, supported by three A78 cores and four rather decrepit A55 low-power cores.  It does have an integrated 5G modem, so it looks like that's where they spent the engineering effort.

    Manufactured on Samsung's 5nm process, which is good to see because TSMC's 5nm capacity is sold out.

  • When 10GbE doesn't cut it anymore: The Supermicro AOC-S100GC-i2C.  (Serve the Home)

    This is a basic dual-port 100GbE card.  No on-board FPGA or CPU, no 64GB of embedded RAM, though it does have packet processing to offload some of the work from the CPU.

    Networking is at an odd place in computer hardware.  You can simply plunk down a thousand bucks and get a network card ten (or a hundred) times faster than what you already have.  A card like this maxes out a PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, though, so you can't get that much faster with standard server motherboards.

  • α = 1/137.03599920611  (Quanta)

    But we have no idea why.  It just does.

  • Nvidia cards are in short supply because everything that goes into them is in short supply.  (Tom's Hardware)

    And even if they ordered an increase in wafer production three months ago, and Samsung started work immediately, and the other components are available, it will be another two months before the increased volume reaches store shelves.

  • A teardown of five PS5s found five different fans.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Some people have complained about the noise of the PS5, while others are happy.  Turns out to be something of a lottery.

    There are reports of noisy Xbox Series Xs as well, but those seem to be specifically due to a cable escaping slightly from a clip and hitting the fan blade.  Poking it back into the clip with a screwdriver - which you can do without opening the case - fixes that.  (Microsoft)

    Also in that thread: "My Xbox runs hot when running Call of Duty at 4K 120Hz."

I Don't Really Play Minecraft Video of the Day

The Hololive JP Minecraft server is half Disneyland and half World War III.  I do love how in the second video they're looking for a friend and see a cute doggy in the park - well, a giant lion-sniper anyway - and totally forget what they came there for.

Disclaimer: At night, the ice weasels come.

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