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Daily News Stuff 3 August 2020

Splat Edition

Tech News (Mostly)

  • The Dragon capsule splashed down without mishap, and we've entered a new era of space exploration. Well, the launching of three Mars missions in a single week and communications satellites being launched by the thousands have something to do with that too.

  • Can't tell your kuudere from your coodere?  The Dere Types Wiki is here for you.

    They even categorise the countries from Polandball.  That's dedication.  Don't trust Lithuania.

  • Pleroma is a fediverse social network written in Elixir.  (Pleroma.social)

    It uses PostgreSQL on the back end and Vue.js on the front end, and supports the ActivityPub standard throughout.

    It supports pluggable UIs, including it's own PleromaFE, Mastodon's UI, and Soapbox.

    This is...  This is interesting.  I wrote my own blogging system because everything out there was steaming garbage, and have been working on my own social network for the same reason.

    But while Elixir isn't the first programming language I'd choose, it is a good choice.  And while I'd likely stick with MySQL out of familiarity, PostgreSQL is technically excellent.  And Vue.js my preferred client-side library.

    No Node.js anywhere.  No PHP.  No Rails, which while Ruby itself is a decent language, is rather a resource hog.

    Now I have to do battle with the sunk cost fallacy on top of everything else.

    Update: Oops, there it is.  Knew it was all too good to be true.  Node.js is contagious metastatic code cancer.

Anime Music Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Some look at things that are, and ask, seriously, what the fuck, man?  I look at things that never were and breathe a sigh of relief.  It's a tough job here at the Paratime Monitoring Station.

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