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Daily News Stuff 30 November 2023

Be Fruitful And Multiply Edition

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  • BBC Basic is back in a big way.  (Hackaday)

    The new version runs on Windows, Mac, Linux (including Raspberry Pi), Android, and iOS.  It supports up to 256MB of memory, which isn't that much these days but I don't even want to think about a Basic program that would need more than that.

    You can download it...  Well, you can't.  Site's down.

  • Dollar Tree was affected by a data breach and information including social security numbers for two million people was stolen.  (Bleeping Computer)

    You might ask why Dollar Tree was keeping social security numbers of two million people, and the answer turns out to be, it wasn't.

    The service provider handling Dollar Tree's payroll got hacked, and Dollar Tree's staff were among the two million people affected.

  • Inside of you there are two sciences.  (Nature)

    One is being destroyed from within by socialism and incompetence.

    The other has already been destroyed by socialism and incompetence.

    You might want to consider an enema.

Disclaimer: Duck.

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1 Even better, Elon called out Bob Iger, who had been on stage just before him and may have been in the audience, by name.  Iger had said they were going to use Twitter to post and influence, but not pay advertising.  Elon was setup to be embarrassed and turned the tables on them.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Friday, December 01 2023 12:07 AM (K8DwR)


Elon Musk has greatly improved Twitter. More people and advertisers have returned to the platform since his takeover. Everything has improved thanks to his effective managementapproach.

Posted by: Jones at Wednesday, December 13 2023 12:01 AM (04sVw)

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