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Daily News Stuff 29 September 2020

Leekspin And Potato Soup Edition

Tech News

  • Arm has announced new cores to power the Robot Uprising.  (AnandTech)

    The Cortex 78AE CPU and Mali 78AE GPU are - no surprise - embedded variants of the Cortex 78 and Mali 78.

    One notable update is GPU virtualisation: In a hard real-time system you can subdivide the GPU and allocate cores to specific tasks (which may or may not actually involve graphics).

  • Lenovo announced a new Thinkpad X1 model, the X1 Nano.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Slightly smaller and lighter (1.99 lbs) than the existing X1 Carbon, it has a 2160x1350 (16:10) display, an Intel Tiger Lake CPU of some kind, and up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD, which is what my HP Spectre X2 has and it came out in 2017.

    It has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a headphone jack, and nothing else.  Starting at $1399.

  • Lenovo also announced the Thinkpad X1 Fold, a folding laptop costing $2499.  (AnandTech)

    Wait, you say.

    Yes, I say, I know.

    That aside, its 13" 2048x1536 OLED screen folds neatly in half, so that when you unfold it and attach it to its keyboard it's actually larger than a regular laptop.

    But without the keyboard it's a very nice 4:3 tablet that weighs 50% more than an iPad Pro, which has a higher resolution screen and costs half as much.

  • When searching with DuckDuckGo, if you get unsatisfactory results you can add !g to the end of your query to do a Google search.

    There are other such codes.  (GitHub)

    Just a few of them.

  • I wondered how you might build a system like the Imagine these days.  With its random access to VRAM you'd likely want static RAM, so I looked up what's available on Mouser.

    32MB with an access time of...  Oh.  With an access time of 450 picoseconds.  That would do it.

Barlowe's Guide to Catgirls Video of the Day

Actually, I think there's only the one catgirl in there.  One fox, one dog-girl, two bunnies.

Disclaimer: I am not the Scatman.

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