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Daily News Stuff 24 June 2020

Threadripper Go Boom Edition

Tech News

  • It's not supposed to do that.  Uncorrectable ECC errors causing crashes on Simon, apparently. 

    The new servers at my day job are named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, and Simon is the troublemaker.  It's the one that had the high-end enterprise SSD fail too.

    Anyway, fixed now, and I get to re-sync everything and merge it back into the cluster.  For the third time in a month.

    The good thing is that through about a dozen reboots - it was crashing and restarting every three minutes until I was able to log in and intervene veryquickly - the public API delivered by that cluster did not so much as hiccup.

  • Dual-port NVMe is a thing.  (AnandTech)

    This has been a thing in the enterprise storage world since forever, first with Fiber Channel, then with SAS.  And probably with proprietary connecters before FC.  It seems to split one NVMe connector into two channels though, where dual-port SAS drives actually have dual ports.

  • Western Digital has divided its NAS storage range - as they did with Gaul - into three parts: The Red Plus range for small NAS devices, Red Pro for enterprise storage, and the Godforsaken Piece of Shit range for people you hate.  (AnandTech)

    This is deeply stupid.  The plain Red drives still have shingles and should not be bought.  And they're doing that while facing a class-action lawsuit.

  • Playing drinking games with liberty.  (TechDirt)

    Yes, our friends at TechDirt are blotto again, taking censorship as an irregular verb.

    When it happens them, it's discretion.
    When it happens to you, it's moderation.
    When it happens to me, it's censorship.

  • Well, good.  (Tech Crunch)

    Headline is: Trump's worker visa ban will hit Silicon Valley hard.

    Maybe they should have invested a few bucks in training rather than importing wage slaves?

  • Or maybe they should focus on engineering rather than diversity training?  (Second Breakfast)

    The article dicusses how Google blew it and how to replace them.

  • Native Ubuntu vs. WSL1 and WSL2.  (Phoronix)

    I notice in WSL1 I get much higher system times than in Ubuntu, even Ubuntu on a VM.  The slowest thing I regularly do in WSL is compiling Crystal code, and these benchmarks show that compiles are more than twice as fast in WSL2, sometimes three times as fast.


  • Twitter added a content warning to a tweet by the President of the United States for promising to arrest and prosecute criminals.  (The Hill)

    Apropos of nothing, I am @Pixy on Parler.

    The site is kind of meh but at least it's not Twitter.

Disclaimer: You went full Kafka.  Never go full Kafka.

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1 "Maybe they should have invested a few bucks in training rather than importing wage slaves?"
This has been a problem for 20 years, if not longer.  The first time I heard about H1B abuse was way back around 2000, with some big company telling their entire IT department they were being replaced with Indians, but if they trained them they'd get severance.
The idea that we can't find people in the US to do these jobs--especially the ones that are seasonal unskilled or semi-skilled labor--is just insane, and nobody benefits except the C-levels and, I guess, shareholders.  Idiot libertarians don't seem to care, though, because they missed the line in Snow Crash about prosperity making everyone make what a Pakistani bricklayer does.  I know a few H-1B people and actually most of them are pretty decent--in one case I like to think I had a hand in making him a better programmer instead of a typical cookie-cutter coder--but I think the US, on net, will be better with far fewer of them here, because the endgame of outsourcing everything is us all working at McDonald's, and I don't think those C-level morons have considered what happens when the entire consumer base is McDonald's workers.

Posted by: Rick C at Thursday, June 25 2020 05:31 AM (Iwkd4)

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