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Daily News Stuff 1 January 2021

Escape From Wherever Edition

Tech News

  • I grabbed two more SSDNodes servers before their current sale ends, one in Dallas in the same datacentre as this server, and one in Singapore since that's their closest location to Sydney.

    Singapore is a bit annoying because the routing between eastern Australia and there is random as hell.  It's a 90ms ping from my little Vultr node in Sydney, but a 230ms ping from my house, also in Sydney.  So I need to fiddle with routes to make it worthwhile.

    If they do open in Australia - which is possible because they use Hivelocity's datacentres and they're right here in Sydney - then I'll move it across.  You need to pay a year in advance to get their good prices, but if you cancel you do get an account credit so it's fine in the long run.

    It's certainly convenient to be able to spin up an instance with AWS or Digital Ocean or Vultr for just an hour or three, but you sure do pay for that.

  • Asus has a 28" 4K monitor for $260.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Slight catch: It's a TN panel.  I have one like it, since these 28" TN models were the first affordable 4K displays, and it's very good for TN, but it doesn't measure up to even a middle-of-the-road IPS or VA display,

  • The Core i9 11900K is supposedly faster than the Ryzen 5950X in single-core workloads.  (WCCFTech)

    That's possible if it is hitting 5.3GHz as the same leak suggests.  Ice Lake seems to be a good design, just built on a bad process.

    It's slower than both the 5800X and the 10900K in multi-core benchmarks, though, and the 5950X crushes it like a bug.

  • A proposed California law makes it legal to punch GrubHub in the face.  (

    Probably.  I haven't read the fine print.  

    Of course this is the California state legislature, so it will somehow end up making everything worse, and probably also cause an earthquake and/or plague of locusts.

  • Microsoft got breached in the SolarWinds debacle.  (Bleeping Computer)

    From the sound of things they have sufficient auditing to know that the attackers never had write access to any code and they verified separately that nothing was changed, but that's still pretty nasty.

  • Farmville has gone to the great milking shed in the sky.  (CNet)

    It has plucked its last chicken.  Pickled its last onion.  Joined the bleedin' dawn chorus invisible.

  • Google is cross with the FAA's new rules for drones.  (Reuters)

    The rules require a low-power radio transponder that broadcasts the drone's ID, so that authorities can track the owner.  Google wants drones to use internet tracking instead, so that they can track the owner.

  • California's government sucks.  (Bloomberg)

    You don't say.

  • It's kind of nice to just post the stories of the day again and not be trying to recap an entire year.  It was worth it though; there was a lot of important stuff I had forgotten and it's much easier to access now.

Anime Trailer of the Day

With Non Non Biyori season 3 just over a week away, I've started rewatching season 1.

It's every bit as good as I remembered.  Five nyanpasus out of five.

Disclaimer: The floor is made out of floor.

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1 "This approach creates barriers to compliance and will have unintended negative privacy impacts for businesses and consumers,” Wing said Thursday in a blog post, adding "an observer tracking a drone can infer sensitive information about specific users, including where they visit, spend time, and live and where customers receive packages from and when.”
I think my favourite google feature is the one where they literally don't care that you know they're just bitching about someone other than google being able to track stuff, they're still going to blandly keep saying the some obfuscatory things over and over.  Sorta like the whole Net Neutrality bullshit they're still for some reason yammering about.

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