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Daily News Stuff 19 January 2020

Dollars To Donuts Doesn't Work Anymore

Tech News

  • My supermarket now stocks gluten-free donuts.  Found them when I was looking for the lamingtons.



  • Hosting providers are starting to offer Ryzen servers.  (WebHostingTalk)

    In this case WebNX (who I haven't used before) but also ReliableSite (who I have).

    For example, a Ryzen 2600 with 32GB RAM, 2x256GB NVMe drives (or 1x1TB SATA SSD), and 30TB monthly bandwidth costs $59 per month.

    The 2600 isn't as fast as the models that came out a few months ago, but it is cheap, has the same single-threaded performance as the E3 Xeons you commonly find in budget servers, and has six cores rather than four.

    They offer a 3600X model for $79, and a 3800X with 64GB ECC RAM and 100TB monthly bandwidth for $99.

    At the higher end, they have Threadripper 3970X servers starting at $399 per month.  I was wondering when those would pop up.  Obviously Epyc is the safe choice for servers - it's explicitly a server CPU - but Threadripper has a clock speed advantage of around 50%.  I don't know if that model has a server motherboard; the others explicitly list IPMI but that one doesn't, and I haven't seen a server board for third-generation Threadripper so far.

  • Zotac's Inspire Studio is a double-height double-width double-depth NUC.

    Mini-ITX size but not a standard Mini-ITX board or case, but it looks pretty nice regardless.  Core i7-9700 and an RTX 3060 Super in a pretty compact case - 8" x 9" x 5".  6 USB 3.1 and two 1Gbit Ethernet ports.

    They also have a professional mini-workstation in the same case with a Xeon E CPU and Quadro graphics, and a gaming version with the 9700 CPU and a 2070 Super.  (Zotac)

    For some reason both those models have 2.5Gbit Ethernet but the Studio model doesn't.

  • The Radeon RX 5600 XT just got 11% faster.  (Tom's Hardware)

    With just a BIOS tweak and an extra 10W TDP allocation.

  • Write your own operating system kernel.  (GitHub)

    Admittedly all the project does so far is boot, print "my first kernel", and hang, but I've had pretty much that experience trying to boot with Grub on older hardware.  (For a while I had a server with 12 cores, 128GB RAM, and 12TB of SSD that could only boot using LILO.)

  • A poem.

  • That naughty list is a month late, guys.  (Slate)

    They compiled a list of the most evil and dangerous tech companies.  Though this being Slate (corporate motto: At least we're not Salon) their definition of evil ranges from sensible (arresting reporters for reporting the news) to nonsensical (securing the border from drug smugglers).

    Most of them are soft targets, but at least they put Baidu and Tencent on the list.

    Also Twitter.

    But Slate's gonna Slate:
    One evil thing: Last month, Dorsey announced a high-flying idea to decentralize social networks that evoked the ideals of an older, purer internet. But some critics saw the proposal as a convenient way for Twitter to eventually offload responsibility for what its users do.
    Yeah, that's the one thing they call Twitter out for.

  • And then there's the companion piece.  (Slate again, sorry)
    I worked at Gizmodo for about three years, a job I acquired by falsely claiming to know what Android is.  ...  I do firmly believe that Facebook and Amazon are both objectively evil, which is what brings us here today.
    These are your betters, peasant.

  • Speaking of those idiots, vile racist lunatic Louis Farrakhan finally got suspended.  Is Twitter coming to its corporate senses at long last?

    No, of course not.  It was all a dream.  (Washington Examiner)

  • MIP* = RE  (
    Here PSPACE is the set of problems solvable by a classical computer with a polynomial amount of space. Subsequent results showed that if one allowed a verifier able to interact with multiple provers, the verifier could be convinced of a solution of any problem in NEXPTIME, a class conjectured to be much larger than PSPACE. For a while, it was believed that in the quantum case, the set of problems might actually be smaller, since multiple quantum computers might be able to use their shared entangled qubits to "cheat" the verifier. However, this has turned out not just to not be the case, but the exact opposite: MIP* is not only large, it is about as large as a computable class can naturally be.
    Well, good.

    Also the Connes Embedding Conjecture is false.

  • Kids these days don't know where the term soap opera comes from.  (Digital Trends)

    They are shocked at the notion of "a TV show brought to you by a single advertiser".

  • Joe Biden came out against CDA section 230 and the usual suspects are in a complete meltdown.  (Ars Technica)

    Exploded heads everywhere.

    I particularly like their description of Josh Hawley as "far right" when the only thing of note that he has done is speak out against CDA section 230.

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