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Daily News Stuff 17 July 2020

Big Bada Splat Edition

Tech News

  • The 2020 Dell XPS 13 is not entirely awful.  (AnandTech)

    The 3840x2400 screen is particularly nice.  But it has neither the four essential keys nor an AMD CPU, so I'm not interested.

  • So that's a yes?  (Tech Crunch)

    An interesting statement from Twitter:

    So first of all, user accounts weren't hacked.  Twitter itself was hacked - with inside help.  (Vice)

    Secondly....  Why does this need to be said?  It should be impossible for passwords to be accessed.

    Thirdly, this event makes those MariaDB temporal tables even more intriguing.  Even if the application goes horribly wrong, the database will continue right on logging every change for you.

  • I have a perpetual professional license for FontAwesome 5.0.

    They just announced 6.0.


    Well, $49 per year is not terrible.

  • Edge 84 is out.  (

    And so is Thunderbird 78.  (

    Is there any point to version numbers any more?

  • Patreon probably shouldn't oughta have done that.

    After being sued by a bunch of patrons of an account they suspended (and by suspended I mean killed deader than a doornail), Patreon changed their terms of services, and then countersued under the new terms of service claiming that they applied at the time of the original suit.

    Which they weren't.

  • Apparently the difference between Window Blinds and Curtains is that Window Blinds works across multiple versions of Windows but is hacky and sometimes does weird stuff, where Curtains is Windows 10 only but is a much cleaner implementation because of that.  They both do the same thing, essentially - make Windows look like something else.

    Probably best not to run both at the same time.

  • I figured out what Microsoft are doing with the RAM in the Xbox Series X.  

    It has a 320-bit memory bus - so 10 32-bit chips or 5 64-bit chips - but 16GB of total RAM.  10GB is for video and is 320 bits wide and 6 GB is for the OS and applications and is 192 bits wide.

    I originally thought they had two banks of RAM, which I didn't know was possible with GDDR6.  But no, they have one bank, it's just that 6 of the chips are 2GB and are used for both graphics and applications, and the other 4 are 1GB and are used for graphics only.

    It would have been simpler to just have 20GB of RAM; this is purely a cost-saving move.

Anime Opening Theme of the Day

Disclaimer: What song does that sound exactly like, other than itself?

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1 The only part of Patlabor I remember is something something MIDNIGHT BLUE something...

Posted by: Karl Drexler at Saturday, July 18 2020 10:49 AM (4+8eU)

2 I think it is a toss up between Dale Brown (No relations to Dan, but his works have gotten equally bad over the years, and they did not start out well.) and Patlabor over who had the first Tom Clancy reference in their work.

All things considered, I would take Patlabor's reference.

Posted by: cxt217 at Saturday, July 18 2020 11:36 AM (4i7w0)

3 Splat is win Bada is you

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Saturday, July 18 2020 07:26 PM (5iiQK)

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