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Disclaimer: Ugh.  Ethereum.  Just posting about it has given me a migraine.

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1 re: A520, I was wondering about that when I read some time ago that the (then upcoming) zen2 was providing all of this southbridge functionality directly.  And I guess for all the really slow stuff (CD/DVD, camera, sound, floppy disks), just make it a USB->whatever, which is what's been happening for 15 years anyway.

Posted by: normal at Saturday, August 15 2020 06:52 AM (obo9H)

2 Even first-gen Zen provided more or less complete, if maybe minimal, functionality:  the A300 chipset was just a placebo, allowing the CPU to provide USB, etc.  The same with the X300 set, although apparently neither of them were really ever used, except maybe in some OEM machines.  A post on Reddit says that's because of low expected volume, and also because the BIOS for those chipsets would have to be drastically different than the BIOS for the regular chipsets.

Posted by: Rick C at Saturday, August 15 2020 08:20 AM (Iwkd4)

3 Way back in the previous millennium, I got ahold of a DEC Multia (or UDB, I guess they were sometimes called?) with one of those fancy-pants Alpha CPUs (21066, I believe: slow as hell, actually, but it was an Alpha, by gum!).  At first I was confused by the lack of bios, but then it died of the dreaded Multia Heat Death.  Still, the lack of bios was great!  You just got a system boot prompt, and away you went.  Until it cooked itself.

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