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Daily News Stuff 13 December 2020

Casper The Rat Edition

Tech News

  • Blue on Blue: Intel's Core i9 11900K will feature eight cores and sixteen threads unless it won't.  (WCCFTech)

    The i7 11700K will also feature eight cores and sixteen threads.

    In 10th generation the i9 had 10 cores, giving it some reason to exist.  In the 11th generation, while the core itself has been updated, the count has gone backwards, so the i9 is at best 4% faster than the cheaper i7.

    Both use 125W at base clock and up to 250W at boost clock, compared to 105W and 150W respectively for a 16 core 5950X.  On the other hand, you can't get a 5950X right now.  On the third hand, you also can't get any 11th generation desktop chips because they haven't even launched yet.

  • Green on Green: Nvidia told hardware reviewers to kiss the ring.

    Hardware reviewers were unimpressed, to say the least.

    This is one of the more moderate responses.  Other Linus was pissed.

    Under the glare of having every tech journalist in the world angry with them, Nvidia has since backed down.  (TechSpot)

    I'm not sure that will be enough.

  • Guess my next system will be all AMD after all.  Whenever that might be.

  • Virtual events suck.  (AParker)

    So do real-world events, but this post at least discusses some ways to fix virtual events.

  • Windows 10 on ARM now has 64-bit x86 emulation.  (

    Or at least the preview release does.  And it seems to work, at least if the application you want to run is Photoshop Elements.

  • A long awaited new RPG is finally available to play: Nox Archaist is out for the Apple II.  (Vintage is the New Old)

    You do need a hard drive on your Apple II to run it, as it doesn't fit on a floppy.  And at least 128k of RAM.  Or you can use the included emulator to run it on Windows or Mac, that works too.

  • Kiara did an in-person collab with Matsuri from Hololive JP - despite being part of Hololive EN, she and Calliope Mori are currently living in Japan.

    In the stream she mentioned that they originally planned to meet at her house, but decided at the last minute to go to Matsuri's house rather than introduce Matsuri to Casper.

    It turns out that Casper is a rat.  Not a pet rat, a rat rat.  It has a name, but it lives in her ceiling.

  • The version of Multiplicity included in Object desktop turns out to be limited to two computers, so scratch what I said.  Also, the audio streaming sucks for some reason.

Not At All Tech News

  • Even the freaking Jacobins are disgusted with the American mainstream media.

Triumphant Returns

Coco and Pikamee are back from holiday, and Haachama is, well, Haachamaing.

Disclaimer: I had a possum living in my ceiling for six months, but never gave it a name.

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