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Daily News Stuff 13 August 2020

Mandatory And Forbidden Edition

Tech News

  • There's a new Humble Bundle out with Vegas, Sound Forge, and Acid.  (Humble Bundle)

    It's the "Studio" versions rather than the Pro versions, and Sound Forge and Vegas are last year's releases, but Acid is current.  And the Studio versions are pretty good if you don't need professional-level bells and whistles.

    Also includes Video Pro X which is normally $399 by itself, but I've never used it.

    With this bundle and Affinity's products, you can pretty much dump Adobe if you're not dependent on a very specific workflow.  I've already downgraded my Adobe subscription from the full suite to just Photoshop, and I think that can go now too.

  • HP leaked the specs of a Tiger Lake (Intel 11th generation) laptop.  (Tom's Hardware)

    If accurate, it's a huge improvement over 10th generation.  Comparing the i7-1165G7 to the current i7-1065G7, top clock speeds are up from 3.9GHz to 4.7GHz.  That's in addition to an expected 18% IPC boost thanks to the new core, so it could be 40% faster overall.

    It's still four cores and won't catch up to the current eight-core Ryzen laptop parts, which are 60% ahead on multi-threaded workloads, but for single-threaded tasks it could do very well for Intel.

    We still have to see what power consumption is like, though, since Intel's TDP numbers seem to be plucked from the air during an acid trip.

  • Speaking of which, Intel has spilled all the cool deets on Tiger Lake.  (AnandTech)

    Well, some cool deets.  Some deets.  A deetoid.

    Main thing is that where Ice Lake had 15% better IPC but 15% lower clock speeds, Tiger Lake has 15% better IPC but maintains earlier clock speeds.  The new Willow Cove core is the same as Sunny Cove, just manufactured on a process that isn't horribly broken.

  • Intel also announced their upcoming Xe-HPG graphics chips that they won't be making.  (AnandTech)

    More specifically, they confirmed earlier rumours that they will be outsourcing the fabrication of their graphics chips, either to Samsung or TSMC.  They didn't confirm which of those, but those are the only options.

  • Twitter has a new API.  (Twitter)

    This was originally going to be released on the day after the big hack, and they very sensibly delayed the announcement.

    It looks like an overcomplicated, restrictive, poorly-explained mess.

    It does provide real-time streams, something that used to be the core of the Twitter platform but was killed off long ago unless you wanted to pay Twitter a lot of money.

  • TechDirt are somehow trying to blame Trump for the layoffs at DC Comics.  They are now gone from my list of sources.  It's not worth the effort.

  • Australia's NBN has a gigabit access plan.  (ZDNet)

    Nobody offers it, and if you find someone who does you can't get it, and if you can it's ruinously expensive.  Across the entire country they signed up a total of 50 customers in the last quarter.  That accounts for all Australian ISPs except for those who run their on fiber in the CBDs of major cities.

  • Dropbox now offers a password manager, computer backup, and encrypted storage.  (Dropbox)

    I hope the backup feature works better than regular syncing, because with that, if your folder goes offline for any reason Dropbox immediately deletes all your online files so that everything matches.

Disclaimer: Well, poot.

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