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Daily News Stuff 12 January 2021

Unlimited Satay Chicken Works Edition

  • In somewhat better news, I've found that both major supermarkets have surprisingly good store brand gluten free frozen satay chicken and rice for $3.  With actual real identifiable chicken.

    Chicken korma too, though that one's a little spicy for a korma.  The butter chicken has the same branding but is clearly made by someone else and is terrible.

    This matters to me because a lot of the gluten-free products I usually eat have been out of stock for months.  Fruit and vegetables and meat are naturally gluten-free but who has time to bother with such stuff?

  • I bought an oven.  I was looking for an air fryer but the ones at Kmart are perpetually out of stock, and they had a 12L benchtop convection oven for $45 and I thought, why not give that a try?

    Well.  It arrived.

    It's basically a big bowl of heat-resistant glass with the heating element, fan, and controls all sitting on the (mostly also glass) lid.  Being almost entirely glass makes it dead easy to clean and it's surprisingly large.  My microwave is nominally, what, 25L?  And this one has much more usable room.

    Going to give it a try tomorrow and cook some chips (fries) or tater tots or something.

  • Also joined Minds.

    Seems to be a nice clean design and the site works well.

    It's not like Twitter or even Facebook, more like, well, mee.nu.  And I already have one of those.

    Actually, to be fair, it's more modern and cleaner than mee.nu, offers global search, and lets you construct your own feed.  Discoverability still not great even so.

    Plus it's open source and there's an API maybe and you can run your own node oh fucking hell.

    • 3 Cassandra Nodes (Min 30gb RAM, 1TB SSD, 8 CPU)
    • 1 ElasticSearch Node (Min 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 8 CPU) #2 nodes are recommended for failover
    • 1 Docker Machine (Min 60gb RAM, 50GB SSD, 32 CPU)

    I do all my Mana testing on a 2 core VM with 4GB RAM, to run everything, including all my non-Mana development stuff.  Admittedly I'm moving to something large because it actually costs less, but those starting requirements are yikes.

  • Intel at Virtual CES spoke about Ice Lake, Tiger Lake, Rocket Lake, Jasper Lake, and Alder Lake.  (AnandTech)

    Then they took questions from the press.  Sort of.
    Intel has been teasing its next generation Rocket Lake desktop processors for several months now, with arrows pointing to PCIe 4.0 and we already know about the backported CPU and GPU cores.  There are big questions as to what this means for performance and power, and Intel answered exactly zero of our questions.

  • Lulu is a firewall for MacOS that blocks unexpected outgoing connections.  (Objective-See)

    MacOS, which is the major problem app on Macs these days, still exempts itself and does whatever the fuck it wants though.

  • Ubiquti has had a data breach at their cloud provider.  (The Verge)

    They don't know what data might have leaked, and I'm not sure what you can do via Ubiquiti's website, but if you use their products it would be a good time to check.

  • The challenge of decentralising the web in 2021.  (Medium)

    Extra tricky when hosting providers act by bills of attainder and the default assumption of corruption of blood.

  • Intel has added hardware-based ransomware detection to 11th generation CPUs.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Everything in that headline is a lie.  This is clearly software-based and detects load patterns and will probably cause problems all over the place.  But it's worth trying and they might eventually get it right, or at least to a point where it is worthwhile.

  • A bipartisan group of Australian politicians is looking into whether American social media companies are breaking Australian law.  (ZDNet)

    Science Minister Karen Andrews:
    That is the absolute lack of transparency and the subjectivity that I am most concerned about. There needs to be fairness, it needs to be very clear that these rules are being applied in a consistent manner. And it's pretty obvious that at the moment they're not.
    Our current Acting Prime Minister:
    McCormack on Tuesday also declared "all lives matter" during a press conference.  He also said most of what his colleagues have said is true and that people on Twitter need to "toughen up".

  • Germany and France have also taken note of the actions of the Bay Area Mafia.  (Fortune)

    Looking forward to years of multi-billion-dollar fines.  I'm totally against the European Union as a concept and as a real-world entity, but I'm fine with them as a boot kicking techno-fascists right in the wallet.

Disclaimer: Never been a more apt description.

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1 Looking forward to years of multi-billion-dollar fines.  I'm totally against the European Union as a concept and as a real-world entity, but I'm fine with them as a boot kicking techno-fascists right in the wallet.

If I had to guess, the likely choices for Big Tech will be:

1. Governments across the world demanding that any Big Tech operating in their country be co-opted into working in lock step with said governments;


2. We will see the greatest seizure and nationalization of American assets overseas as anything Big Tech has overseas, ESPECIALLY the money they had still hording in offshore accounts, get taken by local governments due to the danger Big Tech is to them.  Oh, and they will attain the senior executives.

I am vote for the second one.

Posted by: cxt217 at Wednesday, January 13 2021 07:33 AM (4i7w0)

2 The decentralized web is a nice thought exercise.  Remember when your ISP was an actual Internet Service Provider, and not just a filtered, bugged client access point?  You could just fire up ftpd, or gopher, (or httpd if you need to get off my lawn) and you wouldn't get blocked by your own provider.  

Posted by: normal at Wednesday, January 13 2021 08:07 AM (LADmw)

3 I still can, but only because I pay for a business account.  If I were to do it, though, it would only be via a cloud server acting as a disposable proxy, because the internet is a warzone.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Wednesday, January 13 2021 11:44 AM (PiXy!)

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