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Daily News Stuff 12 August 2020

There's A Hole In The Telescope Edition

Tech News

  • A look at that 128-core mobile workstation in all its six-screen glory.  (Tom's Hardware)

    I was wondering if those extra screens just meant separate monitors.  Nope.

  • LPDDR5 is not the same as DDR5.  (WCCFTech)

    Yes, I know what the headline says.  It's wrong.

    Intel's upcoming 11th generation laptop chips will support LPDDR5-5400 memory.  Although that's not the same as DDR5, it's a useful jump from current limits of LPDDR4-3733 and will help a lot with the new Xe integrated graphics.

  • You can't sue over copyright infringement when you don't hold the copyright.  (Tech Crunch)

    Genius used trap street.  It's super effect-  No, wait.  The other thing.

  • There's a hundred-foot hole in our telescope.  (UCF Today)

    Yes, Arecibo.  I checked and there are other telescopes that could have have hundred-foot holes in them without being more hole than scope, but in this case it was indeed Arecibo.

    A 3" thick steel cable snapped and did what a snapped 3" thick steel cable is wont to do, that is, destroy everything in its path.

  • 32 > 28.  (Serve the Home)

    AMD's 32-core Epyc 7452 at $2000 outperforms Intel's 28-core Xeon Gold 6258R at $4000, and the 6258R is Intel's best price/performance offering by a mile.

    The article discusses the target market for this chip as well.  It's not really intended to compete with Intel's high-end parts, though it does well at that, but at replacing older servers with dual 12 to 16 core Xeon CPUs.  It cheap, has a relatively tame 155W TDP that lets it run in existing racks without worry, and can easily replace two or three older servers.

    Our Threadripper sever cluster at my day job has been rock solid since we got the issues* sorted out with Simon**.   Would definitely go AMD again.

    * First a bad SSD, then a bad memory module.  No problems with the CPU or board.
    ** They're called Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.  Why is Simon the troublemaker?

  • The best Amazon tablets for 2020.  (ZDNet)

    Um, ZDNet?  That's just a list of all of Amazon's tablets, with affiliate links.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  • The Surface Duo launches September 10 at a price of $1399.  (

    It's a potentially interesting device that has probably been killed by its price tag.  It avoids the problems with folding screens by simply not folding the screen - the two screens are separate and don't try to pretend otherwise.

    It has a 360-degree hinge so you can flip it all the way around and use it like a normal phone, or open it flat and have two screens side-by-side.  At $399 - with appropriate cost-saving measures - I suspect it would sell like hotcakes.

    It's 10mm thick folded, and weighs 250g, neither of which are unreasonable for a device like this.  But at that price I suspect it will be DOA.

  • The FTC's antitrust ruling against Qualcomm has been overturned on appeal.  (AnandTech)

    The court held that because Qualcomm acts like a dick to everyone equally, they are not in breach of the law.

Disclaimer: And I don't mean Extreme Beach Volleyball.

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2 I dunno, the formatting is silly, but I apologise for not knowing it.

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3 No problem, there are some nice libraries now to automatically handle link formatting and I should use one of them.

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4 Speaking of formatting, have you got any ideas about making the blog more mobile-friendly on Firefox?  It's not bad on Chrome, but on FF you basically get the same width as on desktop, so you wind up with like 2px text.

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