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Daily News Stuff 11 January 2021

Shocked, Shocked, To Find Fascism Going On In This Hellsite Edition

Tech News

  • Parler will be down for a while; apparently the major cloud providers have all refused to provide services.  So they're all either openly fascist or so risk-averse that they are bending to the fascists.

    They have all the data and will be back.

    Don't ever use cloud services, except for stuff you can afford to drop without notice.  Always have a backup on an entirely separate platform and preferably in a different country.

    One report said they were paying Amazon $300,000 per month.  That's a crazy amount of money, but Amazon is crazy expensive.

  • The 2021 HP Envy 14 has the Four Essential Keys but nothing much else to recommend it.  (AnandTech)

    I mean, it's not garbage, but it has an Intel CPU and soldered-in RAM, so it's certainly not good great.  [Changed that slightly out of misplaced fairness.]

  • If you cut and paste a link from the Edge URLbar, the result is target-dependent.  In Notepad++ it gives you just the link.  In the Minx editor, it gives you HTML, which is exactly what I don't want it to do.  Ugh.

  • Testing the Threadripper Pro 3995WX.  (Tom's Hardware)

    64 cores, eight memory channels, 128 lanes of PCIe.

    They plugged in an RTX 3090 and ran games on it, an it's about 8% slower than a 10900K (though it lags behind the 5900X by a wider margin).

    On tests that could take advantage of all those cores it was either the fastest or narrowly behind the regular Threadripper 3990X.  It's no faster in itself; it just supports more memory and I/O for applications that need that.

    Serve the Home also got their hands on one.

  • I mean, you're not wrong.

  • Member is a messaging platform that stores messages in Bitcoin Cash.  (Member.Cash)

    I don't know how well it works, but I'm looking into something not entirely dissimilar.

    Discussion on Hacker News notes that the front end of the example node is running on AWS and says:
    Ask Parler how that's working out.

  • Oh yeah, fuck Stripe.  Hardly the first time they've done something awful.

  • New Zealand's central bank got hacked.  (AP)

    The hackers didn't managed to do anything but probably gained access to confidential information.  But what's the point?  Who would want to hack New Zealand?  An angry sheep?

  • That $2 trillion COVID relief omnibus shitbill contained a law requiring all US intelligence agencies to release their data on UFOs within 180 days.  (CNN)

    Probably the least stupid part of it.

I Don't Even Know Anymore Video of the Day

First I Was Like What and Then I Was Like Oh Video of the Day

He has two channels.

Disclaimer: My word but there are a lot of idiots on Twitter.

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1 "I mean, it's not garbage, but it has an Intel CPU and soldered-in RAM, so it's certainly not good."
I wonder if it still has HP's "we can't be bothered to actually fix your defective laptop" "service"?

Posted by: Rick C at Tuesday, January 12 2021 12:44 AM (eqaFC)

2 Tim Pool believes that Parler is never coming back.  He tends to be on the more apocalyptic side, but he might not be wrong in this case, given how Big Tech is trying to wipe out everyone.

It is funny to see the usual suspects among the Twitteratti pooh-poohing it all away as 'Freedom of Speech!' or, in of the more ironic moments, an user of incomplete understanding arguing along the lines that certain people only have a problem because certain people would only want to allow certain people's favorites to express their opinion.  An imaginary strawman, from someone named after an imaginary character from a Shakespeare work...Fitting.

I do think the sneering class might be right though - if any form of a free society is to survive the blending of Big Tech Statism with Big Unrestricted Government (Henceforth BTS/BUG) into an authoritarian oligarchy, the free people need to set up their own parallel networks and infrastructure of communications and commerce because what we have now is too vulnerable to single point failure.

Posted by: cxt217 at Tuesday, January 12 2021 02:47 AM (4i7w0)

3 "if any form of a free society is to survive"
I suppose that's the point.  I think we should all start taking helicopter flying lessons and get ready to provide free rides to the oligarchs.

Posted by: normal at Tuesday, January 12 2021 04:10 AM (LADmw)

4 I firmly believe that helicopters are not a cost effective answer.

Possibly I don't have a basis for that belief. 

I'm assuming we can't just borrow federal aviation assets, which means privately owned, or build your own. 

I figure that the money funding privately owned helicopters of established designs is probably too risk averse to participate.

I find the work on rotary wing drones of appropriate size interesting, but I think those are mostly R&D platforms now, and do not think they would be available.

With apologies to Saint Augusto.

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tuesday, January 12 2021 05:58 AM (6y7dz)

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