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Daily News Stuff 30 June 2019

Last Day Of The First Half Of The Current Year Falls On A Sunday Edition

Tech News

  • AMD's Navi is out on the 7th of July.  Nvidia's RTX Super range will launch on the 9th.  (Tech Report)

    Not a huge upgrade, but probably enough to compete with Navi - albeit at a higher price.

  • The US has partly unbanned Huawei, effective...  At some point.  (  

    Huawei will be able to buy components and software from US suppliers, and to sell consumer products, but US carriers will not be allowed to use Huawei 5G equipment in their networks.

    This actually seems reasonable.

  • Prominent YouTuber defends Google against banned YouTube exposé of search and recommendation censorship.  (One Angry Gamer)

    Using false information.

    It's all rather a mess.

  • But you can use a Raspberry Pi to block Google from your network.

    Also Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft, but currently there's not a pre-built filter list for Amazon.

  • If the page says "Google Sing in" maybe thing twoce about antering your pissword.  (Bleeping Computer)

  • The ASRock X570 Taichi officially supports up to 128GB of RAM, including ECC.

    16 cores and 128GB of ECC RAM on a consumer motherboard - admittedly a high-end consumer motherboard.

  • A preview of MSI's X570 boards provides details of the X570 chipset itself.  (AnandTech)

    Looks like an AMD slide but I haven't found a clean copy yet.  Update: Thanks Reddit!

    8 USB 10 ports (a.k.a USB 3.2 Gen 2), 4 SATA ports, and 8 PCIe 4.0 lanes are the core.

    In addition there are two sub modules that can each deliver either 4 more PCIe 4.0 lanes (in various configurations) or 4 more SATA ports.

    Which means you can get two NVMe ports and up to 12 SATA ports straight from the chipset. 

    And this is the same chip as found on the CPU, so in theory you could get 8 USB 10 ports and 12 SATA ports there as well.  If the AM4 package had the pins for that, which it doesn't.  You do get 4 USB 10 ports, so 12 total for an X570 motherboard, with no pin conflicts.

    I wonder if it still has 10Gb Ethernet built in, like first-generation Ryzen.  That doesn't seem to have gained much market adoption but they might need to retain it for the embedded market.

    (Click for full-size versions.)

Picture of the Day

Makeup and coloured contacts can do amazing things.

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1 I just want to know if she's of legal age so I know whether to shoot myself or not....

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2 "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."


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