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Daily News Stuff 23 February 2019

Tech News

  • Nvidia has launched the GTX 1660 Ti much to no-one's surprise.  (AnandTech)

    It's about 25% faster on compute than the GTX 1060, with 50% more memory bandwidth (replacing GDDR5 with faster GDDR6).  This makes it a solid upgrade over the 1060 and an easy winner over AMD's similarly-priced RX 590.  In some titles it even beats the GTX 1070, which was a very solid mid-range card.

    It lacks the ray-tracing and AI features of the recent RTX launches, but for most games that makes no difference.  If you want a reasonably-priced card for 1080p or 1440p gaming, this looks like the one to get.  For 4k it's underpowered and short on memory.

    AMD will likely drop pricing on the RX 580 and 590 soon to keep them relevant.  The other card they have up their sleeve is the Vega 56, which is comfortably faster than the GTX 1660, but is likely too expensive to manufacture to allow substantial price cuts.

  • HP seems to have spilled the beans on Intel's Cascade Lake server chips.  (Serve the Home)

    They look just like the current Wombat Lake [insert correct name here] range, so this is the most boring leak ever.

  • V is a new language that blah blah blah why can't curly bracket languages just die already.

    It compiles 1.5 million lines of code per second per thread (on what CPU?) and, um, there's nothing on their GitHub yet.

  • Redis Labs changed its "open source" license again.  (Tech Crunch)

    The existing license wasn't open source, but apparently wasn't not open source enough, so they changed it.  Again.

    It's important to keep in mind that Redis Labs doesn't produce Redis, though they help fund its development, and Redis is still truly open source under the three-clause BSD license.  The Redis Labs license only applies to Lua modules like their search engine and Bloom filter, which are, well, meh.

  • Redis itself is proceeding unchanged, with no major changes planned except for access control, which will be welcome.

Social Media News

  • Pinterest has started censoring wrongthink.

    The Guardian, of course, applauds.

    Now in this case they are censoring anti-vaccine bullshit, but that's not really any better.  Take a stand for the truth, don't give the conspiracy theorists even more to chew on.

  • Chase Bank is reportedly booting comic book creators.  (One Angry Gamer)

    If they have the wrong politics, of course.

    There may be more to it, but if there is, Chase refuses to say what.

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